McAfee Cloud Single Sign On

Simplify and secure cloud application access

A safer way to access the cloud

You rely more than ever on cloud-based applications to do business, but these tools come with security risks. Flimsy account passwords are easily hacked — potentially exposing your data — and it is difficult to track and manage employee access to these applications. McAfee Cloud Single Sign On adds a critical layer of security to cloud application access by strengthening passwords and improving user identity management.

Fewer password reset requests

Free up IT staff resources by reducing the time spent handling password reset requests. With Cloud Single Sign On, your employees receive a single password to access all of your cloud-based applications and don’t need to remember — and potentially forget — multiple passwords.

Integrated two-factor authentication

A built-in one-time password module adds a second level of security when accessing sensitive cloud applications. Users receive unique, one-time passwords through SMS text message, email, instant message, or any smartphone or tablet via the McAfee Pledge mobile app.

Easily add or remove employee access

Streamlined user provisioning makes it easy to add new employees or roll out applications to new groups. And when an employee leaves, automated account deprovisioning, synchronized with your company directory, ensures former employees don’t retain access to any corporate resources or sensitive data.

Plug-and-play. It works right out of the box.

Integration with hundreds of popular cloud applications, such as and Google Apps, means you are up and running immediately. No coding or separate tool kit purchase required. Simply pick, configure, and assign users to your cloud applications. Cloud Single Sign On also supports industry standard web application integration formats, including SAML, OpenID, and OAuth, so it’s compatible with a wide range of cloud applications.

Multiple deployment options

Choose from on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment options — all for one low subscription price.

These are minimum system requirements only. Actual requirements will vary depending on the nature of your environment.

 Management ConsoleApplication Portal
Desktop browser
(On-Premise Edition)
Firefox 5, Internet Explorer 8 Chrome 16, Firefox 5,
Internet Explorer 7, Safari 5.1.2
Desktop browser
(SaaS Edition)
  IE 9 IE 10 Firefox Chrome
OS X 10.7    
Windows 8  
Windows 7
Windows Vista  
Windows XP    
Mobile browser
(On-Premise Edition)
Not supported Android 2.0,
iOS devices & Safari browser
(On-Premise Edition)
Windows Server 2003, 2008, or 2008 R2;
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and
Advanced Platform 5.0
32- or 64-bit
Not applicable
(On-Premise Edition)
Any Intel multi-core server processor,

Data Sheets

McAfee Cloud Single Sign On

Download this data sheet for a feature overview and technical highlights.

McAfee Cloud Single Sign On Cloud Connectors

McAfee Cloud Single Sign On supports multiple types of SSO connectors, including standards-based (e.g., SAML), custom APIs, and forms-based connectors to hundreds of your favorite cloud applications.

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Case Studies

Beverly Hills Wealth Management (BHWM)

McAfee Cloud Single Sign On delivers a BHWM-branded experience to users along with automated user provisioning and deprovisioning, and standards-based single sign-on.

Platinum Group

Platinum Group, a financial services firm, selected McAfee Cloud Single On to quickly and easily authenticate users and provide access multiple cloud-based solutions.  


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