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The McAfee Security Management Platform efficiently handles security through deep integration within the system stack and across the IT environment, allowing global, contextual visibility into changing events and a cross-product command and control core.

Our Security Management Platform intelligently connects dynamic context from global threat intelligence, enterprise risk, and system security posture in real time. This interlacing of threat intelligence and risk management processes allows instant blocking of damaging attacks and adjustments of security postures as risks change. This solution also provides crucial operational intelligence, organizing data and placing it in context for at-a-glance visibility across IT infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Manage and protect without boundaries
    Gain visibility into your security posture across your entire infrastructure.
  • Get risk-aware visibility and rapid response across your entire IT environment
    Assess changing risk through real-time correlation of evolving threats correlated to events, users, systems, data, and countermeasures within your organization.
  • Fix what matters most, first
    Direct countermeasures and actions to block events and mitigate risk according to asset value.
  • Operate with high efficiency
    Create a security command and control core that spans devices, applications, networks, and databases.

Awards / Certifications

SC Magazine gives McAfee Enterprise Security Manager a 5-star product rating
SC Magazine, April 2012

SC Magazine gives McAfee Enterprise Security Manager a 5-star product rating. Enterprise Security Manager is able to gather, store, and analyze logs and data from a large amount of sources and then correlate events based on rules, possible risk, or historical trends.



McAfee Enterprise Security Manager
McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager provides the speed and rich context required to identify critical threats, respond quickly, and easily address compliance requirements. Continuous global threat and enterprise risk feeds deliver adaptive and autonomous risk management, allowing remediation of threats and compliance reporting in minutes instead of hours.

Risk & Compliance

McAfee Vulnerability Manager
McAfee Vulnerability Manager

McAfee Vulnerability Manager finds and prioritizes security vulnerabilities and policy violations on your network. It balances asset criticality with vulnerability severity, enabling you to focus protection on your most important assets.

McAfee Policy Auditor
McAfee Policy Auditor

McAfee Policy Auditor automates data gathering and assessment processes required for internal and external system-level IT audits and IT security certification.

Security Management

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) is a key component of the McAfee Security Management Platform, and the only enterprise-class software, to provide unified management of endpoint, network, and data security. With end-to-end visibility and powerful automations that slash incident response times, McAfee ePO software dramatically strengthens protection and drives down the cost and complexity of managing risk and security.

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Solution Briefs

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Endpoint Protection

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange delivers innovative endpoint protection with a system that adapts and learns from threat encounters, and immediately neutralizes emerging attacks.

Security in Unison

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense work together to provide enterprises with automated, adaptive threat response, which reduces time-to-containment of malicious files. The moment a file is convicted, the entire security infrastructure is informed and updated immediately, providing greatly enhanced visibility and control, from endpoint to network.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

Deliver context-aware, prioritized threat intelligence across your enterprise.

McAfee Security Management

McAfee Security Management solutions merge security products, management, and real-time intelligence to make your security effective for your business.

White Papers

Advanced Targeted Attacks: It Takes a System

Adaptive intelligence and real-time communications orchestrate protection in the McAfee Security Connected Platform.

Security Connected from McAfee: Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Security

With federal budgets trending downward and both cyberthreats and mandates heading upward, the question becomes, "Can you get comprehensive cybersecurity that provides real-time threat visibility and protection at a reasonable cost? The answer is yes."

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