Business Solutions

    • Applying Indicators of Attack

      Applying Indicators of Attack

      Use context-sensitive clues to unlock early attack detection and action

      To disrupt advanced and targeted cyberattacks, you need to think about more than malware. You must collect, interpret, and apply subtle clues throughout an attack chain. More than raw data, organizational and situational context enrich other forms of intelligence to create indicators of attack. Harness these warnings to reveal suspicious events, equip your systems and people to contain and mitigate attack activities before they succeed, and adapt controls for a sustainable advantage.

    • Cloud Security

      Cloud Security

      Build a secure bridge to the cloud

      McAfee Cloud Security helps you safely and confidently leverage cloud computing services and solutions.

    • Comprehensive Threat Protection

      Comprehensive Threat Protection

      An orchestrated approach to protect against attacks

      Comprehensive threat protection uses an orchestrated approach to block attacks from entering through endpoints, web, email, and network systems or spreading from compromised hosts. It makes it easy to integrate and manage real-time, context-aware, multi-engine defenses as an end-to-end system. Your defenses can neutralize suspicious files or behaviors at the forefront of cyber threats and data theft.

    • Continuous Incident Response

      Continuous Incident Response

      Detect and disrupt attacks earlier to minimize the risk and impact of data breaches

      Improve detection to reduce events, noise, and false positives so you can identify the true indicators of attack and prevent a data breach. Contextualize data to guide confident action. Optimize intelligence, analytics, and controls to iterate rapidly through cycles of prevent, detect, respond, and adapt, and help your protection get stronger over time.

    • Data Center Network Security

      Data Center Network Security

      Providing full-scale virtualization in a cloud environment

      McAfee, the global leader in network intrusion prevention systems (IPS), delivers unprecedented levels of security while offering flexible deployment options that allow organizations to optimize investments in network security.

    • Data Center Security Management

      Data Center Security Management

      Optimizing security in the next-generation data center

      All Enterprise companies have databases of sensitive, valuable information that are vulnerable to security breaches by outside hackers or privileged insiders. McAfee provides security management solutions with situational analysis, data security, and complete monitoring capability.

    • Embedded Security

      Embedded Security

      Securing the world’s embedded systems and devices

      McAfee security solutions for embedded devices help manufacturers of all types of embedded systems protect their products from malware and attacks by hackers and cybercriminals. McAfee solutions include application whitelisting, device management, anti-malware protection, Global Threat Intelligence, and encryption.

    • EMEA Regulations

      EMEA Regulations

      Comply with European, Middle Eastern, and African regulations protecting personal and financial information, including EU and country-specific data privacy directives.

      Stay ahead of industry and government regulations with McAfee’s compliance solutions. Integrating overlapping requirements, McAfee solutions automate time-consuming tasks and speed proof of compliance to save you time and trouble — helping you meet European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) regulations, such as Basel II, and EU and country-specific data privacy directives.

    • Managing Change

      Managing Change

      Control change in your IT environment

      Managing change is a constant battle when you are dealing with multiple operating systems, networks, servers, desktops/laptops, users, applications, and databases. McAfee can help you automatically assimilate the beneficial changes to your environment while preventing disruptive changes.

    • Managing the New Perimeter

      Managing the New Perimeter

      Protect your data wherever it exists

      With a complete mix of business and personal data residing on company systems and websites, IT environments have redefined boundaries of where business information exists. McAfee protects all your information assets, no matter where they exist, so you can handle the complexity and scale that comes with this new generation of computing.

    • North American Regulations

      North American Regulations

      Comply with government and industry-specific mandates

      McAfee compliance solutions help you meet the latest North American industry and government security regulations (including HIPAA, SOX, FACTA, and PCI DSS) quickly and easily. Our comprehensive range of industry-leading tools integrates overlapping requirements, automates time-consuming tasks, and speeds proof of compliance to save you time, trouble, and valuable resources.

    • PCI Compliance

      PCI Compliance

      Technology and services to comply with PCI DSS

      Optimize PCI DSS compliance with solutions tailored for point-of-service machines and ATMs. In-scope infrastructure delivers stronger security and controls for going beyond today’s compliance standards and reducing the cost of compliance management.

    • Policy Lifecycle Management

      Policy Lifecycle Management

      Assess risk, enforce policies, remediate vulnerabilities, and streamline audit tasks — automatically

      Using the latest templates and best practices, McAfee tools help you enhance security and comply with industry and government requirements, including HIPAA, GLBA, and PCI DSS, while saving time and cutting costs.

    • Protecting Critical Infrastructure

      Protecting Critical Infrastructure

      Provide resilience, efficient compliance measures, and instant intelligence for changing threat environments

      McAfee provides situational awareness and protective controls across enterprise IT, SCADA, and ICS zones with native device and application support, while demonstrating continuous compliance. With controls across data, network, and endpoint systems, including ICS applications and protocols, McAfee offers the only solutions that correlate events and detect malicious activity crossing zones.

    • Risk Visibility

      Risk Visibility

      Complete visibility for risk management

      McAfee helps you assess risk, quantify the problem, and take appropriate action based on key metrics. Through continuous monitoring and management of your IT environment, you get complete visibility into your risk posture while reducing the headaches, complexity, and expense of managing IT risk.

    • Secure Mobility for Consumers

      Secure Mobility for Consumers

      Protect your mobile device with McAfee WaveSecure

      Protect your mobile life. McAfee helps you enjoy the fun and flexibility of your mobile device, without worrying about losing your memories or personal data, or exposing yourself to fraud or identity theft if your device is lost or stolen. McAfee WaveSecure lets you track a missing device and delete your personal information over the air if the device is gone for good.

    • Security for Apple Devices

      Security for Apple Devices

      Securing Apple devices for home and business use

      McAfee security for home and business users protects Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices from a variety of online threats and risks. Explore the full range of McAfee security for Apple devices.

    • Security Management Platform

      Security Management Platform

      Making security operations efficient and effective

      Our Security Management Platform intelligently connects dynamic context from global threat intelligence, enterprise risk, and system security posture in real time.

    • Virtualization


      Security and compliance for virtualized environments

      McAfee virtualization solutions deliver security and compliance specifically designed and optimized for virtualized environments, helping enterprises realize their expected operational returns.

    Industry Solutions

      • Cloud Security Services

        Cloud Security Services

        Retain and grow your existing customer base with a breadth of security options

        McAfee Cloud Security Services enable service providers to build and deliver managed security services for their customers. With endpoint protection, network security, PCI compliance assistance, and other security services, McAfee gives you the choice to operate from your cloud or ours.

      • Continuous Monitoring

        Continuous Monitoring

        Real-time risk management as a lifestyle

        McAfee continuous continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) solutions integrate real-time system assessment, up-to-date threat intelligence, effective controls, and ongoing feedback to maximize the value of government resources and reduce the chance of a disruptive network event.

      • Cyber Readiness

        Cyber Readiness

        A common operating picture across all networks to enhance situational awareness and cyber resilience

        Visibility into what is happening on, in, and outside the network is key to operational security and compliance. McAfee cyber readiness solutions enable resilience with near-real-time risk intelligence, machine-to-machine data collection, and data visibility from database transactions to user behavior. A unified platform readies you to assess risk dynamically; identify, classify, and control sensitive data; and mine network and system logs during forensics.

      • Data Governance & Device Control

        Data Governance & Device Control

        Protect personally identifiable information (PII) and prove compliance in any region

        Stop unauthorized access to personally identifiable information (PII) and other confidential data with integrated solutions from McAfee, ranging from encryption and data loss prevention to policy-driven security controls.

      • Financial Services

        Financial Services

        Mitigating risk while improving ROI

        McAfee enables financial institutions to demonstrate regulatory compliance while safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating business and technical risks.

      • Intelligence-Driven Response

        Intelligence-Driven Response

        Real-time automated and human decision, detection, and analysis systems for resilient cyberdefense

        McAfee solutions correlate local and global intelligence to help you rapidly identify, validate, and counter cyberthreats. This resilient cyberdefense architecture enables mission assurance through real-time visibility and actionable, prioritized automated and human incident response. It directs limited resources efficiently for the highest impact on the most egregious attacks.

      • Securing Telecommunications Networks

        Securing Telecommunications Networks

        Ensure the integrity and availability of your network

        As part of the critical infrastructure sector, telecommunications providers need solid security that scales to meet network demands. McAfee delivers security solutions that protect virtualized cloud environments, thwart threats at the network edge, and ensure the safety of sensitive information — giving you the broadest protection.

      • Security and Compliance for Point-of-Sale Systems

        Security and Compliance for Point-of-Sale Systems

        Improved security and ROI for retailers

        McAfee point-of-sale (POS) solutions demonstrate PCI compliance and improve security through a scalable, extensible, and centralized architecture. Achieving greater ROI on legacy systems, reducing patch urgency, and ensuring that investments in modern solutions don’t compromise the integrity of customer data are three distinct advantages of McAfee POS solutions.

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