McAfee Anti-Malware Engine 5700

Program Overview

McAfee is pleased to announce the Beta for the McAfee 5700 Anti-Malware Engine. The 5700 Engine will replace the current 5600 Anti-Malware Engine.

The McAfee Anti-Malware Engine is the core component at the heart of the award-winning McAfee Endpoint and Gateway products. Using patented technology, the Engine analyzes potentially malicious code to detect and block Trojans, viruses, worms, adware, spyware, and other threats.

We encourage you to actively participate in this Beta program and provide us your valuable feedback.

New Features

Detection Enhancements:

  • Enhancements to Java class format scanning to improve exploit detection capabilities
  • Live memory scanning on Windows for detecting and removing malicious processes, threads and files
  • Enhanced generic unpacking to detect more threats
  • Native unpacking for newer versions of ASPack, AutoIt and MSI

Performance Enhancements:

  • General performance optimizations, including initialization and scanning
  • Improvement in extra.dat load times

Platform Enhancements:

  • New supported platforms: AIX 7.1, Linux 3.12 Kernel, FreeBSD 9.x, Solaris 11 on Intel
  • End of Life platforms: Win2000, FreeBSD 6.x, Mac on PowerPC, HP-UX on Itanium

System Requirements

Disk space and memory:

  • At least 512 MB free hard disk space
  • At least 512 MB additional free hard disk space reserved for temporary files
  • At least 512 MB RAM for scanning operations (1024 MB recommended minimum)
  • At least 1024 MB of RAM for updating operations

Engine Downloads