Links for Crisis Management Assistance

Website URL Description
US CERT In the event of a crisis, we recommend this site to review for alerts on issues, to notify other workgroups of issues. Additionally, this is a great education site for technical and non-technical articles from configuration guides to political policy that could assist you in dealing with a crisis.
SANS The FAQ on Incident Handling & Response under the Security Resources is vendor neutral and detailed enough to help you understand how to respond in the event of a real or perceived issue.
Infraguard As an outreach program between the FBI and the Private sector in the United States, this organization is excellent for networking and discussion with special interest groups or verticals that can help you hone your crisis management plan.
ISACA The COSO and CobIT control frameworks are good resources to be aware of and can help you identify gaps in protection prior to an incident. The fraud prevention topics they highlight are sound reading to help you understand how others have to deal with and disclose issues.
FBI At the FBI site, the goal is not really crisis management, but the ability to report a direct or suspected issue (via the Internet Crime Complaint Center).
US Secret Service The reason for this site is to direct you to the National Electronic Crimes Task Force in a regional city. They may know of local resources and agencies that could assist with investigations.
McAfee For the latest malware and APT information, as well as support in dealing with an incident.
Foundstone For incident management, forensics, and response.
Kroll Ontrack For incident management, forensics, and response.