RSA Conference 2013
Security in Knowledge. Mastering Data. Securing the World
Keynote Video: Michael Fey, Chief Technology Officer

Don’t Go It Alone: You Are Only as Good as Your Supply Chain
The definition of what a company is has changed. It has expanded into a larger network of people and processes. You can't go it alone: relationships with partners are the key to success. Charles Ross, vice president, North America technical operations, and Kevin Reardon, senior director, worldwide value consulting examine how to build a solid supply chain that includes people and processes.

  • Understand why building a solid and secure supply chain is the key to success and the ramifications of not focusing on it
  • Learn how to assess the quality of your supply chain
  • Understand the downstream effect of an issue impacting the supply chain

Riches, Ruins, and Regulations: Build Your Security Plan Around the “3Rs”
Organizations don’t become optimized overnight, and they certainly don’t do it without a strategic plan. CISOs are usually replaced if they are too noisy or too quiet, so how do you reach a happy medium? Avoid the paradox: Build a plan that has clearly documented business risk compliance obligations. Brian Kenyon, vice president, solution architecture presents a customer case study that reaches a strategic and optimized middle ground.

  • Learn how to build a real security plan
  • Find out how the threat landscape affects your plan
  • Learn how the “three Rs” (riches, ruin, and regulations) affect your plan

Security Context Is of Prime Importance – Metrics Without Meaning Are Useless
Reporting on your individual area, individual processes, and individual products doesn’t always provide you with the kind of information you need. The latest scan may show that 99.9% of your assets are not at risk to the latest threat; however, what the report may not tell you is that this percentage is only valid for the assets you know about. David O'Berry, technology strategist, advanced technology group at McAfee presents how to deliver metrics that are more meaningful and provide a context for analysis.

  • Learn to apply value to metrics
  • Learn how to provide context for the numbers
  • Take the first step toward greater understanding and intelligence with SIEM
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McAfee 2013 Threat Prediction Report
Download the report from McAfee Labs researchers highlighting the leading threats for the coming year.

SC Magazine
Attention executives: Make sense of security (finally)

McAfee Security Connected Reference Architecture
McAfee has developed the Security Connected Reference Architecture Library to help you navigate the complex technologies and choices inherent in evolving security and threat trends. The Library is a growing collection of solution guides, technology blueprints, use cases, and best practices documents that provide a practical and integrated approach to addressing real security problems.

Meet Michael Fey, co-author of Security Battleground
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