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McAfee believes that if we are more aware and better educated on the threats that we face today, we can actively become part of the overall solution in fighting online crime. We feel that the community shares this philosophy and wants to do its part. Therefore, McAfee is making it easy for you to share your knowledge with your community or customers. From schools to businesses, government agencies to partners participating in our Cyber education program, McAfee provides free html buttons for you to use in linking to the resources on this website. Choose from a variety of sizes and graphic options, download the graphic of your choice, and place it on your website. It’s that simple!

The images below are just a preview. The full-sized images will be made available when you indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions by clicking the button below.

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Permission to Display McAfee Cybersafety Resource Portal Images

McAfee hereby grants you permission under its copyrights to download and display McAfee Cybersafety Resource Portal (Cybersafety Resource Portal) images on your website. This permission is royalty-free, non-exclusive, and worldwide, but is contingent, however, on the following conditions:

  1. Any Cybersafety Resource Portal image you display must and only link to
  2. You may only display a Cybersafety Resource Portal image in connection with content associated with fighting against cybercrime (e.g., suspicious, immoral, illegal, or criminal activities committed by means of electronic communication networks and information systems or against such networks and systems).
  3. Except for nominal proportional resizing of a Cybersafety Resource Portal image to fit your website, you will not modify, make copies or partial copies, or otherwise edit a Cybersafety Resource Portal image in any manner without specific permission.  Additionally, you will not resize a Cybersafety Resource Portal image so small as to render the text illegible, or enlarge the Cybersafety Resource Portal image so large that the image becomes pixilated.
  4. These rights granted herein are not to be construed as granting a license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to use McAfee trademarks or names, or to any other McAfee intellectual property right.
  5. You may not use this permission, or any McAfee name, logo, or other trademark in a manner that implies an endorsement of you, your website, or your publication.
  6. Cybersafety Resource Portal images are provided “AS-IS” with no representation or warranty as to the suitability for your purposes.
  7. McAfee reserves all rights not expressly granted herein, including the right to grant third parties permission to use Cybersafety Resource Portal images.
  8. McAfee from time-to-time may update the content that forms the Cybersafety Resource Portal image inventory. However, McAfee is not obligated to provide any updates or corrections to Cybersafety Resource Portal images.
  9. McAfee may revoke this permission at any time, and has sole discretion in determining whether you have breached the scope of its permission while using any of the Cybersafety Resource Portal images.

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