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Teachers: Online Safety Curriculum  


In addition to the McAfee and Our Partners Care: Online Safety for Students Program, McAfee wants educators to be able to develop a plan that helps educate all year long, so that students can stay safe online wherever and whenever they connect to the Internet. Here are ways that you can begin to build an online safety program in your classroom and at your school:

  1. Review curriculum. Here are resources that may help you with your classroom curriculum. If you have requests for additional content, please contact the National Cyber Security Alliance.
  2. Read about the state of K-12 online safety training. The NCSA’s National K-12 Study reviews the state of cyberethics, cybersafety, and cybersecurity training in our nation's schools.
  3. Review our guides. McAfee’s Security Advice Center provides numerous e-guides and other resources that can help parents, families, and individuals.
  4. Provide an educational service to your students and their families. Your school can also provide a link to our Cybersafety Resource Portal as an educational service for all families that you serve. School administrators can go to the Community section of McAfee Cybersafety Resource Portal to download the link to display on your school’s website.