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A Global Plan to Fight Cybercrime

McAfee Multipoint Strategy to Fight Cybercrime - Updated!

McAfee is focusing on three core areas: Legal Frameworks and Law Enforcement, Education and Awareness, and Technology and Innovation in order to effectively fight cybercrime.


The McAfee Initiative to Fight Cybercrime Grants Program supports innovative thinking and concrete, measurable accomplishments in key areas.


McAfee is proud to recognize individuals that effectively fight cybercrime and make a meaningful impact to this problem.

Cybersafety Resource Portal

McAfee provides consumers and businesses with the information and resources needed to protect their information and their devices, report cybercrime incidents, secure their credit and more.

Advisory Council

McAfee is forming a group of the world's experts on cybercrime to team with us on our strategy, assist in its execution, and more effectively pursue the strategic goals.