Application Control

    Granular policy-based controls put McAfee Firewall administrator’s back in the driver’s seat.  Easily create application usage rules with controls that make sense, including user identity, business function, geo-location, and application whitelists.  McAfee® Firewall Enterprise version 8 even gives you control over embedded applications common in today’s Web 2.0 environment

    And gaining control in today’s application landscape is imperative to network security.  Facebook, for example, has over 400,000 embedded applications which can be used maliciously to deliver malware payloads to unsuspecting users.  With the McAfee Firewall you can allow access to the beneficial elements of sites like Facebook, yet minimize the risk of compromised applications within the site. Embedded application control within McAfee Firewall gives you the power to tailor rights to individual users or user groups within an application.

    You can also support corporate ‘appropriate use’ and blackout policies by specifying when an application can or cannot be used, such as allowing MySpace use during lunch time or restricting access to financial applications via VPN on weekends.

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