As botnets proliferate through popular social networking applications, it has become more important to be able to lock down rogue applications that attempt to communicate to certain geographical locations. Geo-location in the McAfee Firewall allow you to cut off connections based on the location of the connection being established to keep your data from exfiltrating and prevent your systems being used for mischief.

    McAfee® Firewall Enterprise version 8 gives you fine-grained control while simplifying rules development. In fact, there’s just one policy in one view. One straightforward console presents the options required to efficiently manage all rules and add defenses. This unified model is especially beneficial over time and across teams, as McAfee Firewall Enterprise highlights overlapping rules and other rule interactions to help you avoid errors and enhance performance.

    McAfee Firewall V8 includes the McAfee Firewall Profiler, an intuitive tool that simplifies assessment of network traffic so you can add new applications quickly. Itís visual analytics give you a way to measure the effectiveness of each rule change instantly, so you can tune policies for the maximum benefit.

    Rich graphical tools correlate application activities in real time, based on user identity, geo-location, and usage levels. You can easily see who is using what applications. This integrated view lets you exchange hours of due diligence, experimentation, and troubleshooting for just a few clicks. For some users, the biggest advantage is seeing immediately whether or not a problem was really due to the firewall and being able to navigate to its root cause.

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