Global Threat Intelligence
    McAfee sets the pace with the industry’s first and only firewall with built-in reputation intelligence. Hundreds of researchers around the globe analyze every threat from hundreds of millions of sensors to identify global threats and deliver predictive reputation-based risk analysis and real-time threat blocking.

    Each McAfee Firewall includes McAfee Trusted Source reputation technology that perpetually assesses the legitimacy and risk of communication based on source and destination IP addresses, site links, malware hosting activity, probing activity, age of the site and many other factors. As a result, the McAfee Firewall is able to infer the likelihood of malicious intent, protecting your users from unwanted risk. This risk assessment protects users from zero-day attacks, ahead of a formally confirmed attack, vulnerability, or malicious code sample.

    McAfee Global Threat Intelligence infrastructure is unparalleled and can perform:

    • 2.5 billion malware reputation queries per month
    • 75 billion web reputation queries per month
    • 20 billion email reputation queries per month
    • 2 billion IP reputation queries per month
    Unlike firewalls that rely on static signatures, automated threat feeds from McAfee Global Threat Intelligence keep you up to date without taking your firewall off line. With the increase in advanced persistent threats, like Operation Aurora, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence is the most sophisticated protection you can own, helping you mitigate vulnerabilities, avoid regulatory violations, and lower the cost of remediation. Visit the McAfee GTI website.

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