Identity-based Control
    The Web 2.0 application landscape represents the security industry’s largest blind spot. McAfee Firewall V8 introduces discovery, visibility and control of thousands of network applications. Now administrators can easily view the applications traversing the network, correlate network and system activity and control user access based on user profiles.

    Without visibility into and control over users and the context of their use, firewalls cannot defend against increasingly port-agile, evasive, targeted applications. McAfee® Firewall Enterprise version 8 applies user-aware rules in the context of applications.

    When a user connects to the network, their system validates entitlements in real-time from your existing user directory. The firewall quickly applies policies mapped to user identity that grant explicit use of the requested application.

    By tracking to the user, rules are granular enough for modern business operation. And identity-based rules make good operational sense. More and more enterprises rely heavily on unified use of user directories and identity management to support access controls. User changes happen once and propagate out. Security policies stay up to date as the user community changes.

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