Partnership with McAfee Fuels Strong Growth of Dominican Republic IT Provider

Consultores en Seguridad Tecnológica e Informática (CSTISA) in the Dominican Republic specializes in providing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with solutions and services to meet their information security and technology needs. Since its inception in 2005, the company has attracted a very loyal customer base and experienced strong, consistent year-over-year growth. CSTISA now serves more than 100 customers each year, offering expert help from sales and installation through support.

“SMBs don’t have the human resources and technology awareness or expertise to deal with the constantly changing technological landscape,” says Angel Chaljub, general manager of CSTISA. “They lack the staff and knowledge required to stay on top of the security threats facing them every time their employees use the Internet or receives emails. That’s where we come in. We help fill that resource and knowledge gap with affordable solutions and services that make it much easier for SMBs to stay protected.”

Strategic Partnering Key to Success
Partnering with the right vendors to help CSTISA offer the best solutions and services to its SMB customers is a huge part of the company’s success. In his previous job as an operations manager, Chaljub had attended several McAfee training sessions in the United States, so he was already familiar with McAfee. “I came to CSTISA with an extremely favorable impression of both the company and its products,” notes Chaljub. “My past experience, plus the fact that McAfee had a local presence in the Dominican Republic, led us to partner with McAfee from the start—a decision that has paid off tremendously. The terrific security products, brand reputation, strong commitment to the relationship, ongoing innovation, and comprehensive support that McAfee brings to the partnership have played a huge role in our continued success.”

McAfee Central Management Console Sells Itself
CSTISA primarily resells McAfee® Endpoint Protection solutions, all managed and monitored using the intuitive McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) central management console with graphs and customizable dashboards. “McAfee ePO is our primary sales tool when trying to win a new customer,” claims Chaljub. “Prospective customers see how easy it is to manage multiple security solutions with a single console and how it provides constant visibility and valuable reports regarding the status of all their systems and security events. There is absolutely nothing else like [McAfee] ePO in the market today; it is a clear differentiator for McAfee—and therefore for us.”

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence™ (McAfee GTI™), the market’s most comprehensive, real-time, cloudbased threat intelligence service built into many McAfee solutions, also differentiates McAfee solutions from the competition. McAfee GTI collects file, web, message, and network connection reputation information from more than 100 million nodes worldwide to protect against cyberthreats. “[McAfee] GTI is an extremely powerful tool we don’t take for granted,” says Chaljub. “It detects unknown threats before .DAT signatures can be updated, and has been particularly helpful in blocking suspicious files on our customers’ USB devices.”

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise software is one of the main endpoint protection solutions CSTISA sells its customers. “It’s the first line of defense that detects and prevents 99 percent of incoming attacks,” affirms Chaljub. Other top-selling McAfee solutions at CSTISA include: McAfee SiteAdvisor for safe Internet surfing, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, McAfee Device Control, and McAfee Security-as-a- Service (SaaS) cloud-based offerings.

“The impressive security products, brand reputation, strong commitment to the relationship, ongoing innovation, and comprehensive support that McAfee brings to the partnership have played a huge role in our continued success.”

Angel Chaljub
General Manager CSTISA

Security-as-a-Service Purchased by 80 Percent of CSTISA Customers
Cloud security services appeal to SMBs because they can delegate the responsibility—and associated time, hassle, and worry—of security administration to an expert. That’s why McAfee SaaS offerings have been particularly well received by CSTISA’s customers. “Approximately 80 percent of our customers now rely on McAfee SaaS solutions,” states Chaljub. “McAfee cloud-based solutions are a win-win all around; our customers benefit from effortless security and we gain a predictable, ongoing revenue stream.”

McAfee SaaS Email Protection—which eliminates spam and thwarts malicious email traffic—is especially popular, but CSTISA customers buy the McAfee SaaS endpoint protection and vulnerability management services as well. CSTISA expects that sales of cloud-based offerings will continue to increase among SMBs.

McAfee Data Protection Meets Growing Need
In addition to SaaS, data loss prevention continues to grow in importance for CSTISA’s customers. “Today all businesses regardless of industry or size, require DLP because they all have critical information they can’t afford to lose,” notes Chaljub. “We see customer data at risk particularly on laptops and USB devices, and, increasingly, on other mobile devices.”

For many of CSTISA’s customers, the first step toward data loss prevention is to augment VirusScan Enterprise with McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention and McAfee Device Control. “The combination of VirusScan, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, and McAfee Device Control—all managed by McAfee ePO—creates an extremely robust defense that gives us tremendous peace of mind,” says Chaljub.

Most CSTISA customers use McAfee Device Control to block data transfer to all USB devices except those used by the administrator or a select group of authorized individuals. McAfee Device Control installation and deployment is extremely simple and takes less than one hour.

McAfee—Trusted Security Advisor
“We tell our customers that run multiple McAfee solutions in-house that dedicating 15 minutes daily to McAfee ePO is more than enough to determine if everything is secure and under control,” notes Chaljub. “When our customers realize how little time they need to spend on security and that their McAfee solutions dramatically increase network bandwidth, reduce spam, protect critical data, enable regulatory compliance, or just keep them from ever having to deal with a malware outbreak, they gain complete confidence in us, and they come to view us as their trusted security advisor.”

Commitment and Comprehensive Support for McAfee Channel Partners
“From the beginning, we have received personalized service and wonderful support from the exquisite McAfee team responsible for the Caribbean region,” declares Chaljub. “McAfee is clearly committed to us as a partner, truly interested in knowing our views, and never stops working to improve the McAfee-channel partner relationship.”

For example, McAfee offers certification programs, training, and proactive alerts so that its channel partners can provide the best advice and support to its customers and continue to stay abreast of the always dynamic information security and threat landscape. McAfee also offers periodic and ongoing sales incentives and other reward programs.

Delivering “Safe” Today and Tomorrow
In addition, CSTISA appreciates the new technologies that McAfee continues to acquire and develop and the company’s integrated security platform vision. “Ultimately, McAfee’s continued innovation and commitment to the partner relationship is what helps us keep our customers safe, now and in the future,” concludes Chaljub. “And that’s how we continue to grow our business.”



Partner profile

A leading reseller of information security technology solutions in the Dominican Republic




Primarily SMBs—hundreds of companies across multiple industries


Customer challenge

Protect against malware and data loss despite lack of human resources, budget, and technology expertise



McAfee solution

  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
  • McAfee Global Threat Intelligence
  • McAfee VirusScan® Enterprise
  • McAfee Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Email Protection, McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection, McAfee SaaS Vulnerability Management
  • McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor®
  • McAfee Policy Auditor
  • McAfee Network Access Control
  • McAfee Data Protection: McAfee Device Control, McAfee Encrypted USB, McAfee Endpoint Encryption, McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention
  • McAfee Security for Email Servers




  • Supports year-over-year scalability and business continuity
  • Helps build trust as an IT security advisor to customers
  • Provides expert service to customers, from sales and installation through ongoing support
  • Allows expansion into new markets, such as cloud security services