CuraSeal Eliminates Email Threats with McAfee

CuraSeal provides medical devices for treating gastrointestinal tract disorders. The medical device company develops products and technologies to treat patients without major surgery. CuraSeal is located in Santa Clara, CA and was incorporated in 2007.

Business Trigger: Preventing Malicious Email from Impacting Business Operations
Prior to McAfee, CuraSeal was using an alternative email security service that was bombarded with an unacceptable amount of phishing and spam messages. “We use email to communicate with doctors and hospitals worldwide,” says chief executive officer, Akshay Mavani. “It’s vital that intellectual property and business data isn’t exposed or corrupted by a virus or malware, and that email messages to our clients aren’t infected.”

CuraSeal’s IT staff was able to remediate the damage caused by many attacks with their prior solution, but that meant spending most of their time fixing infected systems, cleaning up the company's Exchange environment, and helping employees distinguish phishing attempts from legitimate messages. Additionally, price increases for their existing security service strained the start-up's limited budget.

Solution Focus: Easily Administered Email Security
Based on advice from its IT department, CuraSeal switched to McAfee® Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Email Protection and Continuity. “We’ve been trouble-free ever since,” says Mavani. “We went from an almost unmanageable amount of spam and phishing emails to zero.”

CuraSeal’s workforce uses mobile devices for corporate email and Mavani credits McAfee ClickProtect for protecting users against phishing attacks. He explains, “Since ClickProtect, we haven’t had a successful phishing attempt. Knowing that ClickProtect inspects the URL before allowing the page to load provides peace of mind. The detailed preview it provides educates us, helping us make informed decisions.”

Why McAfee? Less Worry and More Productivity
Since moving to McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity, CuraSeal has been free of successful phishing attacks and the IT staff can now focus on projects that are important to the business. “McAfee provides a quality service at a reasonable price,” says Mavani. “The service eliminated our spam and phishing issues and ClickProtect is especially useful. Our biggest benefit is less worry and more productivity.”

"ClickProtect provides us piece of mind and educates end-users. The detailed information provided to us allows for smarter, more informative decision making."

Akshay Mavani,

About McAfee Email Security and McAfee ClickProtect
McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity prevents inbound and outbound email threats from impacting networks and end users, while maintaining continuous access to email, no matter what. McAfee ClickProtect, a feature of McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity, helps eliminate the threats from embedded URLs within an email message. It checks for changes in URL intent occurring between the time a message is scanned (scan time), regardless of how harmless it may have appeared, and when the URL is clicked by a user (click time). This re-inspection includes both a URL reputation check and proactive emulation leveraging the same industry-leading McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware technology in McAfee Web Protection. McAfee Safe Preview offers a sneak peak, leveraging user intelligence as an additional layer of security.

CuraSeal, Inc.

Customer profile

Start-up medical device company offering minimally invasive treatments and therapies for fistulas.



IT environment

A total of 16 employees, contractors, and full-time staff, using mobile devices for e-mail.


Protecting the company’s intellectual property and business data from viruses or malware and securing global communications with medical partners.

McAfee solutions

  • McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity.


  • Eliminated phishing and spam.
  • Protection for email on mobile devices.
  • Able to focus on strategic projects instead of email attacks.