Cloud and Compliance In One Thanks to McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

DTS is one of the larger system companies in Germany with around 140 employees in six locations in Germany. DTS customers include medium-sized and large companies as well as public institutions, all with high data security demands and often with legal data protection regulations or special compliance requirements. For DTS, IT security plays a large role, in particular for its services as an Internet service provider and has solved this complicated task for itself and its customers, while simultaneously relieving internal resources, by using the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.

Business Trigger: Compliance and Data Protection without SIEM is Nearly Impossible
To ensure that compliance guidelines, statutory regulations, and protection of company data for DTS and its customers are adhered to, DTS implemented a variety of very expensive systems that required a great deal of internal effort. Due to its growing cloud business model the administration and management effort for IT security has multiplied and DTS started handling more sensitive customer data. The high demand for securing cloud computing applications and increasing compliance requirements and statutory regulations made it clear to DTS that only an “integrated” security system would relieve the internal resources and be able to fulfil all existing and potential future security requirements.

“The solution for the continuously growing problem of monitoring and compliance had to ensure that in the case of cut-backs in human and financial resources, the quality of the services for DTS customers remained the same, or, in the ideal case, could even be improved,” explains Malte Örmann, Team Leader of the Sales Data Centre & Security Services at DTS Systems.

Solution Focus: Why McAfee?
Effective security starts with a real-time overview of all activities on all systems, networks, databases, applications and persons. With McAfee Enterprise Security Manager it is possible for DTS to get a current, real-time overview of the security situation while offering the necessary scalability for the constantly growing requirements from DTS customers. While having the necessary speed for detecting threats which is the basis for enabling targeted and fast reactions customers find many benefits. Prior to implementing McAfee, the DTS Data Centre Team was forced to process amounts of data which were growing exponentially, with the same amount of resources. Tying up more and more internal resources was ineffective in the medium and long term, and would continue to have high costs. The specialists should have been using their time more effectively for administrative tasks and focus more on new customer projects or develop new innovative services. Expanding the team solely for these administrative tasks wasn’t sensible, since experienced employees are required, especially in IT security. This problem was solved by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.

Security specialists at DTS receive risk-relevant, real-time information as needed and can strengthen and increase security due to shorter reaction times. Because of this, DTS is able to implement compliance management based on guidelines for themselves and their customers. Thanks to McAfee's security information and event management (SIEM), complete audit protocols and reports such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NERC-CIP, FISMA, GLBA, BASEL II and SOX can be created automatically at any time. Comprehensive compliance management for customers is ensured, and audits by the different testing committees can be satisfied quickly and without complications.

“Compliance management, starting with security tools to real-time evaluations, was exactly the solution that we and our customers required. We chose McAfee because this solution had the easiest integration, greatest level of stability and flexibility of all the systems we tested. A large number of different evaluation and assessment mechanisms allow us to provide our customers with a tool that results in a significant improvement of the understanding of compliance violations. Detecting such violations allows every customer to increase the respective compliance status accordingly using targeted and effective correction of defects in cooperation with our security teams,” says Malte Örmann about choosing McAfee.

“As an active Internet service provider since 1998, early on, we recognized the need for security solutions tailored to the customer. As a long-standing Elite Partner of McAfee, we have a complete and integrated security portfolio and have profitably made use of this advantage within our infrastructure.”

Malte Örmann,
Team Leader of Sales, Data Centre & Security Services
DTS Systeme GmbH

Results: Measurable business advantages
On the basis of the installed systems, at a growth rate of over 30 percent, the DTS Data Centre Team books approx. 50 percent less time today for the evaluation and structural presentation of event and system information. By additionally optimizing and increasingly structuring the evaluations, DTS expects a savings of an additional 10 to 15 percent with the same number of systems being monitored.

“With McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, we have achieved two important goals: Firstly, we can now offer our customers professional services for adhering to compliance and statutory guidelines. Hundreds of pre-installed dashboards and reports allow us to respond to the different compliance requirements of our customers. Secondly, we were able to relieve our team – and the focus wasn't just the pure economic efficiency of our employees. Advancing new projects and developing new services for our customers provide a greatly more interesting working basis and more motivation,” sums up Malte Örmann, with satisfaction.

DTS Systeme GmbH

Customer profile

As a system integrator, DTS Systeme GmbH has supported customers for 30 years in operations related to IT environments.

As a McAfee Elite Partner, DTS Systeme offers its customers the complete McAfee security portfolio.


High Technology


  • Compliance
  • Reduction of administrative compliance tasks
  • Integration of security and compliance into the cloud environment with a SIEM solution


  • McAfee Enterprise Security Manager


  • Faster detection of risks
  • Targeted and faster reaction to potential risks
  • Reduction of administrative expenses
  • 50% less time required for security event management