Seagate Uses McAfee Application Control for Intellectual Property Protection

Seagate is the world’s leading provider of hard drives and storage solutions. With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, Seagate offers over 40 innovative products covering home computing to enterprise data centers. Dating back to the late 1990s, the company has relied on McAfee® products to protect their endpoints.

Business Trigger: Protecting Intellectual Property While Respecting Performance Constraints

  • Protecting intellectual property is of uttermost importance. Manufacturing is a major component of Seagate’s business. Protecting intellectual property, such as firmware design, is absolutely crucial to their success.
  • Stringent performance requirements must be met. Seagate’s manufacturing environment demands the highest CPU performance.

Solution Focus: A Tiered Approach with McAfee Application Control
Chasing the latest malware is no small feat. In Seagate’s factory environment where performance is paramount, the company needs to be creative with endpoint protection. “We figured that the best way to protect against ever-changing malware was to stop anything that looked remotely malicious,” says Endpoint Security Engineer, Roan Moore.

With that in mind, Seagate implemented McAfee Application Control throughout its factory environment. Furthermore, Seagate established a tiered approach that takes user roles and varying levels of security requirements into account. It looks something like this:

  1. For single-task machines with the lowest risk, those that “need to do one thing and they need to do it very, very well,” Seagate uses McAfee Application Control as the sole endpoint security mechanism.
  2. For machines with medium risk, Seagate combines McAfee Application Control with McAfee VirusScan® software, which performs scheduled, periodic scans.
  3. For the highest risk category, McAfee Application Control technology is used in conjunction with McAfee VirusScan software and McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention System.

This tied approach ensures that only critical users receive the highest level of protection, which has yielded visible performance advantages since, according to Roan, “McAfee Application Control is lightweight and does not scour the hard drive unnecessarily.” This allows Seagate to achieve comprehensive protection throughout their organization, without negatively impacting critical manufacturing performance.

“The management capabilities of McAfee ePO software should not be understated; without a centralized management server like McAfee ePO software, it simply would not be possible to administer a large amount of clients effectively.”

Roan Moore,
Endpoint Security Engineer, Seagate Technology

Why McAfee: Memory Protection and Streamlined Management with McAfee ePO Software
Seagate enjoys the memory protection capabilities of McAfee Application Control. “Memory protection so far has proven to be very effective in managing emerging threats,” says Roan.

Seagate also has multiple McAfee ePO platforms within their environment. Roan notes that McAfee ePO software’s ability to host and share policies between McAfee Application Control clients has been very helpful for Seagate, especially in the factory. Roan explains that, “Once a tool has been locked down, it’s likely that many other systems in the area share the same programs or functions. McAfee Application Control, in concert with McAfee ePO software, provides a fast way to prohibit any application not previously allowed onto the machine. In that way, foreign applications are blocked at the get-go and the systems remain malware-free.”

Seagate Technology

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World leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions


Computer hardware

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30,000+ endpoints


Protect a complex IT environment from emerging malware threats without sacrificing performance.

McAfee solutions

  • McAfee Application Control
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software


  • Custom end-user protection to boost employee productivity
  • Increased performance of single-use machines in the factory
  • Malware-free factory environment