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Keep your data accessible while keeping it secure

Your company’s sensitive information is a target. Whether it’s intellectual property, financial records, or personal information about employees and customers, your data is valuable — and cybercriminals want it. A breach can result in hefty regulatory fines, expensive lawsuits, and stolen intellectual property. But your information is also a key driver or your business, and it needs to be accessible to multiple users and groups across the globe, while remaining protected.

McAfee helps you balance the need to keep data accessible while keeping it secure. Meet the challenge of safeguarding a huge volume of sensitive information stored on databases, file servers, smartphones, email messages, and USB drives, while defending against risks from external attackers and malicious insiders, negligent employees, and even third parties like consultants and partners.

This guide explores how four essential McAfee technologies — data loss prevention (DLP), controls for protecting removable storage and media, encryption, and database activity monitoring — can help you employ an effective solution to protect all of your critical information.

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