Securing Telecommunications Networks

Ensure the integrity and availability of your network

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McAfee offers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions that keep your network and data protected, your services resilient, and your customers happy. Backed by McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence, you get 24/7 security with fast time to protection from the latest global threats — from every vector, including email, web, and network. User behavior analysis alerts you to data risk, providing protection against sophisticated, targeted network attacks. McAfee delivers local and global situational awareness to thwart inadvertent and intentional threats to your business, including threats that target sensitive information in your databases. Our security solutions help you identify and address vulnerabilities while adhering to regulatory compliance.

The seven deadly threats to 4G

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Key Benefits

  • Protect databases from unauthorized activity
    Guard sensitive customer payment information stored in billing databases and block unauthorized database activity. McAfee Database Activity Monitoring provides database security for cellular providers, wireless carriers, and other communications companies.
  • Maintain network integrity and availability
    Ensure critical infrastructure protection. Whether you’re the subject of sophisticated, targeted attacks or simply need to stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities, McAfee provides tools to monitor and block threats from multiple vectors, including malware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and more. Analyze code in targeted attacks and evaluate your network-wide risk with a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities, prioritized for your network for better risk management and regulatory compliance.
  • Gain local and global situational awareness
    Secure protection at the endpoint and network edge, as well as within your network. Monitor irregular behavior within your networks, from file and server modifications to anomalous user behavior and inappropriate use or transfer of critical data.
  • Get faster time to response with Global Threat Intelligence
    McAfee Global Threat Intelligence provides 24/7 protection and visibility to ensure fast time to protection from the latest global threats — from every threat vector, including email, web, and network. Our reputation-based rating system enables swift, protective response at endpoints and gateways so anomalous users — regardless of their affiliation with malware or other activity — are identified and blocked, along with malicious code and other threats to your network.

Customer Stories

Macquarie Telecom

This leading Australian hosted IT provider drives a growing managed services business with Security Connected.

  • Fully integrated security platform easily managed from a central dashboard.
  • Visibility and control for clients over their hosted security environments.
  • Competitive advantage through partnership with a trusted technology provider.


McAfee offers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions that keep your systems, network, and data protected. For a complete list of our products, please see our Products and Solutions page.

Database Security

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring
McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring stops attacks in real time, delivers sophisticated audit reports to help meet compliance requirements, and eases vulnerability remediation with virtual patching technology.

Network Security

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McAfee Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security Platform is the industry’s most secure network IPS. Backed by McAfee Labs, it protects customers on average 80 days ahead of the threat. It blocks attacks in real time, before they can cause damage, and protects every network-connected device. With Network Security Platform, you can automatically manage risk and enforce compliance — while improving operational efficiency and reducing IT efforts.

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McAfee Network Threat Response

McAfee Network Threat Response enables security analysts to dig deep into threats and construct forensic analysis to effectively characterize and respond to malware in the way that’s most effective for your organization.

Risk & Compliance

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McAfee Application Control

McAfee Application Control ensures only trusted applications run on servers and endpoints. It reduces risks from unauthorized software, boosts endpoint control, extends the viability of fixed-function systems without impacting performance, and lowers operating costs.

McAfee Vulnerability Manager
McAfee Vulnerability Manager

McAfee Vulnerability Manager finds and prioritizes vulnerabilities and policy violations on your network. It balances asset criticality with vulnerability severity, enabling you to focus protection on your most important assets.



Secure Services to Secure Revenue

Communications Service Providers are facing increasing pressure to become more agile and innovative, lower costs, and deliver revenue-generating, value-added services. Read this brochure to see how you can build trust with secure services and security-oriented services to help you differentiate, create operational efficiencies, and maintain or drive up revenues in mature and emerging markets.

White Papers

The 7 Deadly Threats to 4G: A 4G LTE Security Roadmap & Reference Design

This paper provides a detailed review of seven threats that take on unique profiles within 4G networks. It also offers a security reference architecture to efficiently counter these threats with minimal cost or service disruption.