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McAfee SECURE Service
When it's time for shoppers to click "buy," nothing says trust better than McAfee SECURE Service. In fact, trustmarks are shown to increase confidence in 73% of shoppers*. Whether shoppers are accessing your site from their laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device, the McAfee SECURE trustmark will showcase your commitment to keeping your website malware-free and safe from hackers.

PCI Certification Service
All organizations that capture, process, or store credit card data must demonstrate proof of PCI compliance. The McAfee PCI Certification Service provides step-by-step guidance and real-time analysis so you can successfully complete the PCI DSS requirements. Quarterly PCI Scans, Self-Assessment Questionnaire, and expert support make PCI compliance simple.

Vulnerability Assessment
Find out what website security issues exist on your online business before someone else does. McAfee Vulnerability Assessment SaaS gives you what you need to keep your network infrastructure running smoothly. Daily vulnerability scans, simple reporting, and expert support help keep your site secure and your online business up and running.

*As measured by Harris Research in a May 2013 study conducted for McAfee


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Whether you are an online retailer just getting started, or an established brand, McAfee SECURE Service can help protect your online business while building consumer trust.