McAfee Vulnerability Assessment SaaS

McAfee Vulnerability Assessment SaaS

Better security with less work


McAfee Vulnerability Assessment SaaS defends your network perimeter against daily threats. Protect the perimeter and you’ll help protect your organization, brand, and customers from hackers, data breaches, adware, spyware, popups, browser exploits, and phishing attempts.

We integrated complementary security technologies into a single service that helps protect your network perimeter. Vulnerability Assessment SaaS leverages our widely used vulnerability scanning technology that currently helps protect more than 80,000 sites. We combine this with security data gathered by continuously crawling the web, searching for and identifying sites harboring malicious code, such as spyware.

Identify potential security issues — With real-time insight into the security status of your network perimeter, you can prioritize your IT security projects, prevent data breaches, and even demonstrate ROI. Vulnerability Assessment SaaS provides transparent objectivity by continually benchmarking and certifying your network perimeter security status to widely adopted independent data security standards, including McAfee SECURE and PCI.

Enjoy easy deployment — This web-based service runs entirely from our McAfee network. It requires no installation, no setup, no hardware purchases, no software development, no security expertise, and no special training to use. McAfee provides automated network security audits combined with an interactive, highly customizable vulnerability management portal. Vulnerability Assessment SaaS also includes a simplified, easy-to-use system perfectly suited to any organization that needs to successfully and confidently complete the steps necessary for PCI (merchant Level 2 – 4) certification.

Assure website visitors — Compliance also holds other benefits. As long as you remain in compliance with the McAfee SECURE standard, you have the option of promoting your certified security to visitors by displaying the well-known McAfee SECURE trustmark on your websites.

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Features & Benefits

Get comprehensive network discovery
Reduce the complexity of managing the security of public IP networks (both large and small). Advanced, intelligent port-scanning technology helps you to rapidly and accurately map the network perimeter by discovering, identifying, and monitoring network devices. Find rogue devices and accurately identify unauthorized services across any specified IP sub-net range.

Perform accurate network perimeter security audits
Launch on-demand scans to check for the latest vulnerabilities. Completely customizable based on your daily needs, our process uses a three-step scan comprised of dynamic port scanning, port-level network services vulnerability testing, and web application vulnerability testing.

Set continual standards benchmarking
Provide daily objectivity in planning remediation activities by real-time benchmarking to McAfee SECURE and PCI data security standards. Automatic ranking of security risks helps you focus priorities and resources.

Evaluate meaningful reports
Enjoy an end to crippling numbers of false positives that other scanning technologies and services produce. Access reports containing information that is meaningful and useful, not useless or time wasting.

Use a simple network perimeter security management tool
Retrieve vulnerability data and complete patch information to quickly prioritize and remediate issues. We provide the right tool for the task, from auditing a single website to auditing a complex network.

Leverage Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model
Deploy from the cloud. There is no software or hardware to install.

Utilize our technical support resources
Enjoy extensive telephone, email, and online technical support from our certified security specialists to resolve security issues, ranging from the benign to the critical.

Ensure that your network perimeter is free of critical vulnerabilities
Address potential security issues before they impact your organization. Proactive monitoring and daily vulnerability scanning, including web applications, provides an extra measure of security intelligence. With frequent content evaluation, you can avoid practices that make you susceptible to other vulnerability classes and lead to bad publicity and lost customer confidence.

Prioritize and delegate remediation responsibilities with confidence
Gain actionable insight into the security status of your networks to address potential security issues before they impact your organization. Proactive monitoring and daily vulnerability scanning provides an extra measure of security intelligence.

Know where you stand with continual benchmarking
Get real-time validation against industry standards such as McAfee SECURE and PCI DSS to help you determine and achieve acceptable levels of risk.

Protect your network perimeter and infrastructure with fully configurable scanning
Protect your entire network perimeter by properly enrolling your company's domains and IP addresses. Conduct daily scans of all Internet services, shopping carts, ports, operating systems, servers, key applications, firewalls, switches, load balancers, and routers for all known vulnerabilities. Gain insight into the daily security status of your network perimeter.


Current, accurate threat information
Our vulnerability management technology uses a knowledge base that is constantly updated with the newest discoveries and latest threat variations.

Reliable performance
We deploy a network of scanners in multiple data centers in North America and Asia, allowing us to reliably perform daily security audits for thousands of clients worldwide.

A portal built for you
Our web-based portal provides easy access to your website's security status from any location. From the portal, you can launch on-demand scans, examine vulnerability details including patch information, track trends, and configure alerts.

Protecting your information
Our entire portal infrastructure, and all customer data, is maintained within redundant, highly secure Tier One data centers with SAS-70 security certification, 24/7 onsite guards, and biometric access control.

Responsive support
McAfee Vulnerability Assessment SaaS includes unlimited online support from security professionals. If you have a question, our experienced team is there to help you.

For more information, go to the McAfee SECURE Technology page.