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Founded in 1995, started as a third-party automotive site that had developed cutting edge technology for search engine marketing. Eventually, began offering this service to other companies in the automotive space through a separate division, CPC Logic. In 2005, was acquired by Partnering with more than 200 leading metro newspapers, television stations, and their websites, is the premier destination for online new and used car shoppers.

Vince King, Director of Web Production at, is always looking for effective solutions to drive more website traffic and increase online conversions. His division spends a significant portion of its budget on search engine marketing (SEM) to drive potential new car buyers to the company’s sites. Given the expense of SEM, a tiny percentage increase in online conversions translates to a sizable increase in revenues for the sites.

“After the test started, I watched the results and I quickly became a believer. The McAfee SECURE service increased my online conversions by over 2% and delivers a great value that more than paid for itself within 6 months.”

Vince King
Director of Web Production,

King knew that competition for automotive leads was fierce and he needed to differentiate his sites against new online competitors. He also wanted to inspire confidence and reduce “shopping cart” abandonment with a leading trustmark solution from an established brand that consumers know and trust for security.

King, already familiar with McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security company, quickly realized that the McAfee SECURE™ trustmark could help reassure his online visitors that the company’s sites were secure and help to increase online conversions.

For thousands of retailers, the McAfee SECURE trustmark has proven highly effective at increasing online sales conversions, while reassuring site visitors that their personal information will be safer and more secure at participating retailers. The technical foundation of the McAfee SECURE service rests on daily, comprehensive site scanning that tests the retailer’s website for more than 40,000 vulnerabilities. In addition to this daily hacker testing, sites that earn the McAfee SECURE trustmark also undergo a series of tests to look for practices that, if not corrected, can lead to bad publicity and lost customer confidence. For example, McAfee SECURE service vulnerability testing checks for unintentional links to malicious websites, the hidden presence of browser exploit code, and the accidental sharing of customer email data with spammers.

Once certified to the McAfee SECURE data security standard, sites can then display the McAfee SECURE trustmark on their web pages as well as in search engines annotated by McAfee SiteAdvisor® software. Consumers who see the trustmark when browsing or searching Google, Bing, and Yahoo! (as well as 19 other search engines) see certified McAfee SECURE sites as safer and more secure places to shop than sites that don’t undergo the same rigorous, daily testing.

Before King implemented the solution, he needed proof and decided to take advantage of an A/B test to measure the effectiveness of the McAfee SECURE trustmark when displaying the trustmark on the website. King worked with the McAfee SECURE team and found that implementing the McAfee SECURE trustmark was simple and easy.

“The implementation was straightforward and easy. I enjoyed working with the McAfee SECURE team who provided great advice and helped me to select the best trustmark option for my site with great follow through.”
— Vince King, Director of Web Production,

During the A/B test, 50% of visitors were shown the McAfee SECURE trustmark, while the other half (the control group) were not.

Results and ROI
After 9 days of running the A/B test, King saw a 2.66% increase in online lead conversions when showing the McAfee SECURE trustmark to visitors, which more than justified the price. After signing a contract with McAfee SECURE, King then implemented the trustmark on both of his other two websites, and is happy with the results.

"After the test started, I watched the results and I quickly become a believer. The McAfee SECURE service increased my online conversions by over 2% and delivers a great value that more than paid for itself within 6 months."
— Vince King, Director of Web Production,

Moving Forward
King plans to continually invest in his three websites to build the business and help it stay on top of new competitors that enter the market. He sees the McAfee SECURE trustmark as a strategic solution to increase online conversions and build consumer trust. He recommends the McAfee SECURE trustmark for merchants who are looking to convert their online shoppers into confident buyers.

“Run an A/B test and try out the McAfee SECURE service to see for yourself how the McAfee SECURE trustmark can increase online conversions on your site to justify the ROI.”
— Vince King, Director of Web Production, Santa Monica

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