Application Security

Application Security, Inc. is a provider of database security solutions for the enterprise. DbProtect allows organizations to secure their most sensitive data from internal and external threats, while ensuring those organizations meet or exceed regulatory compliance and audit requirements.


DbProtect is an enterprise-class product that combines database discovery, vulnerability assessment, activity monitoring, intrusion detection, auditing, and compliance to secure database assets. DbProtect's as-soon-as-possible updates ensure protection remains current as new database vulnerabilities are identified and patches are released. DbProtect is now integrated with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software. This integrated solution allows McAfee ePO administrators to view and report on database vulnerabilities, threats, and events, and take corrective action.

McAfee Compatible Solution

Application Security, Inc. DbProtect 3.8 and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.0 (Agents: McAfee Agent 4.0 on Microsoft Windows XP and 2003)

Type of Integration

Data integration

Integration Availability and Licensing

The integration is available at no extra cost with the products that comprise the McAfee Compatible solution

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