AVOB is a leading provider of power management and green IT solutions. Established in 15 countries, AVOB offers businesses its Energy Saver flagship enterprise solution, which reduces networked PCs energy consumption and carbon footprint by up to 75%.


Most software applications require only a small fraction of CPU processing power, yet processors are running at full power levels all the time. AVOB’s technology throttles the energy consumption of the processor in real-time to adapt to instant application demand. This translates into a substantial cost reduction as it typically happens during peak energy cost periods.

AVOB Energy Saver 5 is fully integrated with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software. Deployment is seamless, directly managed through the ePO console and takes only a few minutes. An intuitive graphical user interface simplifies the setting of your energy policies and schedules to match the needs of users across your network, without impacting productivity. AVOB’s reliable and secure wake technology allows PCs to emerge from sleep modes for a nightly update and to go back to sleep before waking up in the morning prior to use. Customers save from $20 to $65 per PC each year with a rapid ROI under 3 months.

McAfee Integration

McAfee Compatible Solution

AVOB Energy Saver 5 for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.5 and 4.6 software

Type of Integration

Agent Deployment and Policy Management

Integration Availability and Licensing

The integration is available directly from AVOB with the products that comprise the McAfee Compatible solution.

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How to GreenIT Your Network PCs and Save Big
Learn how to monitor and save up to 75 percent of your Network PCs energy cost using a power management solution integrated with McAfee ePO.

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