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Cyber-Ark Software, a leader in Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and protecting Highly Sensitive Information (HSIM), delivers solutions that increase the enterprise security posture, drive operational efficiency, and help meet IT compliance and audit requirements. Cyber-Ark Software returns control to business data owners and mitigates insider threats that account for the majority of data misuse and leakage cases.


Cyber-Ark Software Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Suite's integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software provides real-time alerts and a view of privileged user activity for critical IT assets — including servers, databases, networking components, and applications - across the data center, for enterprises from highly regulated firms to service providers.

Cyber-Ark Software has developed an integration plug-in that automatically sends PIM security-related events (such as privileged credentials retrieved or used) to McAfee ePO software, including entitlements. This integration enriches the security-related information accessible via ePO software dashboards. Customers can define events of interest and query, report, and present this information via standard ePO software console tools.

McAfee Integration

McAfee Compatible Solution

Cyber-Ark Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Suite 5.5 and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.5 software

Type of Integration

Event integration: Partner product notifies McAfee ePO about critical security events related to privileged identities

Integration Availability and Licensing

The integration is available directly from Cyber-Ark Software with the products that comprise the McAfee Compatible solution

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For more information, download the resources below, view a webinar and watch a short video overview of the integration.

Got Privilege? A Risk-based Approach to Managing Account Access
The concept of auditable privileged access is critical to assessing, prioritizing and mitigating business risk. Learn how Cyber-Ark works with McAfee to deliver a complete solution for securing, controlling, auditing and continuously monitoring all privileged access across your network.

  • Monitor and alert in real-time any privileged access to your most critical and sensitive data assets
  • isolate, control, record and audit all privileged access to servers, databases, virtualized domains and critical network devices
  • Achieve compliance and capture detailed privileged forensic audit trail while increasing your information security posture

McAfee Security Innovation Alliance: Cyber-Ark

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