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RedSeal Systems develops security posture management software that enables organizations to assess and strengthen their cyberdefenses. Unlike systems that detect attacks once they occur, RedSeal identifies holes in the security infrastructure that could be exploited — before they are discovered by hackers. RedSeal software analyzes and simplifies the complex interaction of firewalls, routers, load balancers, and hosts, delivering an in-depth understanding of the overall security posture.


Most large enterprises identify thousands of vulnerabilities every time they conduct a vulnerability assessment. But scanning for vulnerabilities is only the first step — figuring out which vulnerabilities truly matter is the larger challenge. To do this, organizations must take into account the exposure and protection provided by their network infrastructure.

RedSeal Vulnerability Advisor analyzes vulnerabilities discovered by McAfee Vulnerability Manager in the context of network security controls. It identifies which vulnerabilities are exposed to untrustworthy networks and which could be used to launch attacks deeper into the network. It prioritizes vulnerabilities for action based on risk, identifies network mitigation options, and reports on portions of the network that require additional scanning.

McAfee Compatible Solution

RedSeal Vulnerability Advisor 4.0 and higher; McAfee Vulnerability Manager 6.5 and higher

Type of Integration

Platform support and interoperability

Integration Availability and Licensing

The integration is available directly from RedSeal Systems with the products that comprise the McAfee Compatible solution.

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Building Security Metrics That Matter
Do you know what security metrics are right for your organization? For a holistic view, both network and host metrics are required, including firewalls, routers, load balancers, and hosts. In this webinar, RedSeal Networks and McAfee will describe how they are working together to:

  • Assess and strengthen your cyber-defenses by identifying holes in the security infrastructure before they are exploited by hackers
  • Gain in-depth understanding of your overall security posture and compliance with regulations such as PCI, FISMA, and SOX
  • Obtain actionable steps for risk remediation


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