Reflex Virtual Management Center

Reflex Systems provides enterprises with a comprehensive management solution for virtualization and private cloud infrastructure. Reflex’s innovative technology integrates monitoring, performance, capacity, configuration management and security into a single solution, enabling IT organizations to effectively manage and secure the dynamic virtual environment.


Reflex Systems' Virtualization Management Center (VMC) integrates monitoring, performance analytics, capacity planning, configuration management, and security into a single solution, providing real-time visibility, correlation, and control across your entire virtual or private cloud environment. IT organizations are able to manage the virtual enterprise based on existing business processes and leverage virtualization to do things that were simply not possible in the physical data center. This translates to comprehensive management and enforcement, better utilization of the shared computing resources, and automation of data center operations across all virtual resources, whether in the corporate data center or a private cloud.

The two-way integration between Reflex VMC and McAfee Network Security Platform provides centralized visibility and management of both physical and virtual infrastructure and traffic, which is valuable in today’s hybrid environments. Reflex VMC forwards virtual network traffic to the Network Security Platform inspection engine. Suspicious interactions are flagged for administrative action, which are executed in the virtual environment through the Reflex VMC using our vTrust technology with stateful virtual firewall capabilities.

McAfee Integration

McAfee Compatible Solution

Reflex Virtual Management Center 2.15 and McAfee Network Security Platform 6.1.

Type of Integration

Platform support and interoperability

Integration Availability

The integration is available directly from Reflex Systems with the products that comprise the McAfee Compatible solution

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