Securonix provides a leading information risk intelligence platform for security and compliance professionals. The platform consumes identity, access, and activity information from any source and then uses behavior, access, and identity risk analytics to continuously identify the highest risk users, resources, and activity in the environment for proactive management. At the enterprise application level, such as SAP and Oracle, Securonix goes deeper to automatically and continuously identify and fingerprint sensitive data for data loss protection while monitoring high-risk activity and access.


Today’s targeted attacks, whether launched by insiders or by external hackers, have primarily focused on stealing sensitive data stored in structured or unstructured forms. To combat these complex threats effectively, organizations require a comprehensive security intelligence platform that will aggregate, correlate, detect, and risk-rank threats so that security professionals are able to focus their efforts and limited resources on the threats that pose the most significant risks to their data. Securonix and McAfee have joined forces to deliver a security intelligence solution to detect, investigate, and ultimately prevent these advanced targeted threats.

The Securonix solution uses techniques based on intelligent behavior and peer group analytics to detect hidden trends and risk-rank DLP violations. It builds a prioritized queue of DLP violations, which security professionals use to focus their investigations on “true” threats and perform in-depth investigations, with extensive visibility into the business and identity context on these alerts. Securonix integrates with leading business applications, such as SAP and Siebel, and generates data combinations and rules which are then passed to the McAfee DLP Discover appliance as fingerprints. When these are complete, Securonix sends the fingerprint data to the McAfee Data Loss Prevention appliance, so that data can be identified when traversing the network as sent by the end users.

McAfee Integration

McAfee Compatible Solution

Securonix Identity Intelligence 3.1, Securonix Threat & Risk Intelligence 3.1, Securonix Application Intelligence 3.1 and McAfee Data Loss Prevention 9

Type of Integration

Platform support and interoperability

Integration Availability and Licensing

The integration is available directly from Securonix with the products that comprise the McAfee Compatible solution.

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Detecting Insider Threats - A Case Study
The insider is the stealth weapon of cyber threats. Insiders, or people posing as insiders, are able to easily penetrate the defenses and operate from within the network as they are trusted with access and privileges to sensitive data. Hijacked credentials allow attackers to circumvent traditional security systems and pose as insiders, going unnoticed by the organizations security measures. Organizations today are using signature-less behavior modeling solutions to identify these targeted threats and mitigate the risks and exposure from them to the organization's sensitive information.

Join McAfee and Securonix who are leading this transformation in the industry, as they walk through an investigation of a manufacturing company that utilized McAfee and Securonix technology to identify a data breach.


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