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Tomium Activity Monitor for DB2 sends database activity data from mainframe DB2 databases in real time to McAfee Database Activity Monitoring. The solution is nonintrusive, lightweight, and does not rely on the database native logging facility. Security professionals can now get a single view of critical database activity for the enterprise with monitoring capabilities designed for both data protection and high performance.

Tomium Activity Monitor for DB2 does its job without any modifications to DB2, z/OS, or business applications. No schema is ever changed. Tomium does not use any system traces or log files. The Tomium Activity Monitor for DB2 uses no disk space to store audit data. The Tomium agent streams audit data to the Tomium Integrator, a process that runs on a Linux system containing the McAfee sensor. The Tomium Integrator connects directly to the McAfee Database Activity Monitoring solution via a sensor installed on the same Linux server.

Figure: Tomium Activity Monitor for DB2 integration with McAfee technology.

McAfee Integration

McAfee Compatible Solution

Tomium Activity Monitor for DB2 and McAfee Database Activity Monitoring version 4.4.1.

Type of Integration

Data integration: Tomium feeds audit data to the McAfee Database Activity Monitoring solution.

Integration Availability and Licensing

The integration is available directly from Tomium with the products that comprise the McAfee Compatible solution.

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