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Intel offers various technologies in vPro/Active Management Technology (AMT) and their chipsets that partners such as McAfee can use to optimize their offerings. Intel offers hardware encryption embedded in its new Westmere chips that McAfee will take advantage of in the McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC product. Other features of vPro/AMT will also be leveraged.

McAfee is taking advantage of Intel technology in three key areas: encryption and theft deterrent technologies, security management, and virtualization. We are working together to bring superior solutions to our customers.

About Intel

Intel is a leading technology platform company, developing advanced integrated digital technology platforms for the computing and communications industries. Intel offers products at various levels of integration, allowing its customers and partners the flexibility to create advanced computing and communications systems and products. Intel’s products include chips, boards, software, and semiconductor components that are the building blocks integral to computers, servers, and networking and communications products.