McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA)

See the power of McAfee-integrated partner solutions

Most organizations deploy security products from multiple vendors that do not interact with each other. In today’s fast evolving threat landscape, this not only increases operational costs, it may even increase risk. Security challenges now require open, collaborative approaches to detect threats, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.


The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) is a technology partnering program that:

  • Accelerates the development of interoperable security products
  • Simplifies the integration of these products with complex customer environments
  • Delivers solutions to maximize the value of existing customer investments, reduce time to problem resolution, and lower operational costs

Central to McAfee’s relationship with each SIA partner is at least one customer use case. Use cases are driven by the needs of mutual customers and are built around innovative integration ideas. Use cases improve threat visibility and create powerful new security behaviors and workflows. For example, an SIA partner might link their real-time monitoring and threat detection with our incident response and compliance reporting.

McAfee SIA partners are screened for leadership and innovation in their respective market segments. With scores of vendors already on board, SIA is fast becoming the security industry’s premier technology-partnering program. For a brief profile of the services each partner provides, browse the SIA Partner Directory.

Each partner begins as an Associate Partner. After implementing at least one use case and completing McAfee integration testing, the partner is promoted to Technology Partner status and the joint solution receives the “McAfee Compatible” logo.

To learn more about the SIA program, read the SIA Brochure, see the SIA Program Summary or browse the Alphabetical SIA Partner Directory, our catalog of partner offerings that work with and complement McAfee security solutions.


The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) is a technology partnering program created to help accelerate the development of interoperable security products and to simplify the integration of these products within complex customer environments. Working together, McAfee and its partners deliver solutions more comprehensive than those available from any single vendor.

If you are a security or compliance solutions vendor, you, too, can integrate with McAfee’s industry-leading open architecture and reach over 35,000 organizations that have already invested in McAfee’s Security and Risk Management (SRM) solutions. Participation in the SIA allows you to extend your reach and create new revenue opportunities by adding complementary capabilities not found in McAfee’s core offerings. The program also offers joint marketing, lead generation, and channel synergies that help create a win-win scenario for you, our customers, our channel partners, and McAfee.

Today’s sophisticated attacks can cause business disruptions, damage brand reputation, and create legal liabilities. Large organizations deploy solutions from multiple vendors because the truth is no single vendor can meet all of their security and compliance needs. But today’s security threats and economic challenges demand that products from multiple vendors interoperate to provide better protection, reduce operational costs, and streamline the compliance lifecycle.

Partner Integration Tracks
McAfee SIA partners choose one of the following integration tracks:

  • Most SIA partners use a software development kit (SDK) to integrate with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform, McAfee’s centralized security and compliance management platform used by 35,000 customers, managing 60 million endpoints. McAfee provides help-desk support to the partner’s development effort and then performs compatibility testing.
  • Data Protection (DP) SIA partners enhance McAfee’s DP encryption portfolio with their own technologies, enabled via interoperability. Areas of focus include authentication (smart cards, USB security tokens), smart card reader, and/or encryption (encrypting hard disk drive) solutions. Integrations are performed by McAfee and are driven by demand for the joint solution.

Partner Participation Levels
McAfee SIA provides benefits that accumulate as you strengthen your commitment to the partnership.

  • Associate Partners: Receive access to McAfee engineering resources to make their products compatible with McAfee solutions, and are eligible for several joint marketing opportunities even before completing their integration.
  • Technology Partners: Actively market their McAfee-compatible solutions. They get all Associate Partner benefits, plus use of the “McAfee Compatible” logo, and participation in additional marketing, customer, and channel events.
  • Sales Teaming Partners: Selected Technology Partners are invited to become Sales Teaming Partners and collaborate with McAfee sales teams to drive more complete security solutions to large organizations.


McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partners enjoy an extensive range of benefits tailored to each participation level and integration track.

Technology Benefits

  • When you enter the program as an Associate Partner with the goal of integrating with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform, you can download a software development kit (SDK), participate in online training, access our Technical Support KnowledgeBase, and leverage developer support resources. Alliance managers are always available to assist you.
  • If you have chosen to integrate with our Data Protection portfolio, McAfee will work with you to prioritize the integration on its roadmap.

Sales & Marketing Benefits
McAfee provides a number of vehicles for you to increase product awareness and generate sales leads. Partners may also be invited to participate in McAfee events to reach key prospects and customers, and execute go-to-market strategies and programs with McAfee.

The following table lists some of the benefits available to our partners. Additional benefits may be available based on the partner’s integration track.

Enablement Benefits Associate Partners Technology Partners
Welcome Kit
Access to SIA Technical Lead
Online Technical Product Training
Technical Newsletters
Technology Benefits Associate Partners Technology Partners
Not-for-Resale Copy of Relevant McAfee Products
McAfee Product Roadmap Reviews By Invitation By Invitation
Access to McAfee SDK and Developer Support (ePO integration track) Two Contacts Two Contacts
Access to Technical Support KnowledgeBase (ePO integration track)
McAfee SIA Developer Conference (ePO integration track)
Sales & Marketing Benefits Associate Partners Technology Partners
SIA Partner Directory
McAfee Event Exhibition and Sponsorship By Invitation By Invitation
"McAfee Compatible" Logo  
Product Compatibility Announcement in McAfee Newsletters  
PowerPoint Deck for McAfee and Partner Sales Teams  
McAfee-Branded Solution Brief (2 pages, customer facing)   By Invitation
McAfee Sales Engineering Training on Joint Solution   By Invitation
Press Release By Invitation Yes, Announcing Promotion to Technology Partner
Joint Webinar   By Invitation
Partner Advisory Council   By Invitation
Market Development Funds (MDF)   By Invitation


To fully reap the benefits of a technology alliance with McAfee, you must fulfill the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program requirements. Participation in the SIA program has obligations and may require certain fees. We designed the requirements to make it as easy as possible for our partners to achieve compatibility with McAfee products and solutions, and for us to support you in that process. If you have any questions, please contact

Requirements Associate Partners Technology Partners
Program Agreement
Assigned Alliance Manager
Assigned Marketing Contact
Two Assigned Development Contacts
Annual Program Fee Based on Integration Track Based on Integration Track
Compatibility Testing Fee Based on Integration Track Based on Integration Track
Web Page on Primary Website  
“McAfee Compatible” Logo Usage on Marketing Materials  
Compatibility Testing with Each Major Release  

Partner Directory

The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) is a technology ecosystem designed to assemble the world’s leading security innovations. With dozens of vendors in various stages of integration, McAfee SIA is fast becoming the security industry’s premier technology partnering program.

SIA partners are screened for leadership and innovation in their respective market segments. Each partner begins as an Associate Partner. After completing McAfee’s integration testing for at least one use case, the partner is promoted to Technology Partner and their integrated product becomes “McAfee Compatible.” Selected Technology Partners that complement the McAfee product portfolio are invited to become Sales Teaming Partners and help McAfee drive more complete security solutions to large organizations.

To find a solution that is right for you, click on a partner name below to learn about their completed or planned integration, or browse our Alphabetical SIA Partner Directory.

Partner Market Categories Associate Partners Technology Partners
Sales Teaming Partners
Network Security & Management
  • Regulate device access to corporate networks
  • Bridge security monitoring and incident response
  • Perform forensics investigations on events captured on the network
Application & Database Security
  • Identify database security risk on heterogeneous platforms
  • Secure real-time applications like VoIP, video conferencing, and instant messaging
  • Inspect a range of application content, including encrypted content
Theft & Forensics
  • Augment incident response with powerful forensics
  • Investigate employees suspected of malicious behavior
  • Tackle endpoint threats such as steganography, hacker toolkits, encryption, keyloggers, etc.
Endpoint, Power & Backup Management
  • Reduce PC power consumption without compromising security
  • Coordinate power management of PCs with scheduled security scans and updates
  • Manage assets, including license management, policy enforcement, and patches
Risk & Compliance
  • Analyze vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts based on risk
  • Mitigate risk through targeted policies and controls
  • Monitor privileged user access to mitigate insider threats
Authentication & Encryption
  • Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Reduce risk through strong authentication
  • Support a range of smart cards and biometric options
Content Security
  • Inspect a range of application and static content
  • Add user-driven classification of emails and documents to enhance McAfee DLP decisions
  • Extend McAfee data loss prevention to include enterprise apps such as SAP and Oracle
Mobility and Other Security
  • Centrally protect both physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Combine real-time telecom expense management with mobile device security from McAfee
  • Content and application security on mobile devices, BYOD

* This partner’s product is expected to be McAfee Compatible soon.