McAfee Security Connections — Webcast Series

See the power of McAfee-integrated partner solutions

Companies that use standalone products and consoles in today’s heterogeneous IT environment face higher risk and operational costs. McAfee is leading the way not just in integrating its own portfolio, but also integrating its management platform with over 100 partners in more than a dozen security markets.

In this webcast series, end users will learn how McAfee works with other security vendors to lower the cost of ownership and operation through smart integrations. In each webcast, McAfee and a McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partner will highlight one key aspect of the IT security puzzle. Using a conversational format, each webcast will also discuss innovative solutions followed by a Q&A session. All webcasts will be archived for later viewing.

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Actionable Intelligence to prevent Cyber Attacks
McAfee and RedSeal Networks

RedSeal Networks has integrated with multiple McAfee solutions which to provide a true real-time end-to-end view of your overall security posture. Register

Combating Advanced Cyber Threats
McAfee and Norse DarkThreat Intelligence

McAfee and Norse have developed an integrated threat intelligence approach leveraging the strengths of McAfee Cloud Analysis and Deconstruction Service (CADS) framework with the Norse unique ability to provide visibility into the Internet's darknet and deep web. Register

Secure What Matters Most in a BYOD World
McAfee and Apperian

Leading enterprises understand the value of mobility, but are struggling to create secure mobile environments while delivering on the promise of higher productivity that mobile can provide. Register

Accelerating Incident Response and Breach
McAfee and Guidance Software's EnCase

In today’s post-breach world, organizations need technology aligned with new strategies to accelerate and automate incident response and breach investigation workflows to reduce mean time to resolution. Register

Virtualize More While Improving Your Risk Posture from Bare Metal to Endpoint
McAfee and HyTrust

Gain insights into the virtualization security landscape, and understand how McAfee, Intel, and HyTrust can help you scale your VMware infrastructure while staying compliant and secure. Register

DNS Firewall & Malicious IP Intel Integration
McAfee and IID

By integrating the IID DNS Firewall and Malicious IP Intelligence solutions with McAfee ePO, organizations get real-time alerts about the latest Internet threats and compromised network machines, all in one place. Register

Target and Eliminate Privileged Account Security Threats
McAfee and Lieberman Software

Learn how McAfee ePO and Lieberman Software provide a model in which sensitive logins are controlled and passwords automatically revoked immediately after delegated IT personnel complete their work. Register

Do you know how to Secure the Other Half of Your Network?
McAfee and AirPatrol Corp

Learn how McAfee and AirPatrol Corporation can secure the other half of your network, the mobile devices, through detection, monitoring and endpoint security. Register

Better Business Decisions Through Streamlined Risk Prioritization
McAfee and LockPath

Join us for a look into how LockPath's Keylight platform and McAfee Vulnerability Manager will help you tame your complex data challenges and spotlight the most critical risks to your environment. Register

Managing Mobility Costs in Real Time
McAfee and Tangoe

Learn how McAfee and Tangoe have partnered to help companies eliminate wireless bill shock. Register

Next-Gen Security Management – A Risk-Based Approach to Mitigating Cyberattacks
McAfee and Skybox Security

Learn how Skybox leverages McAfee Firewall Enterprise and Vulnerability Management solutions, adding a layer of network visibility, continuous monitoring, and security analytics. Register

Protecting Against IP Theft –- Fighting an Effective Battle
McAfee and Securonix

Learn how using data loss prevention technologies and a powerful layer of in-context intelligence provide real-time detection of theft by leveraging behavioral profiling and accurate comparative algorithms. Register

Defending Against Persistent Attackers: The Need for Incident Response 360°
McAfee and HBGary

Discover why motivated attackers’ persistence to gain access – and retain access – in the network requires continuous detection, incident validation, and response. Register

Security Intelligence Meets Vulnerability Management
McAfee and Core Security

Learn how McAfee and Core Security are working together to transform security intelligence and vulnerability management to tackle today’s evolving threat landscape. Register

Privileged Identity Management: Combine McAfee Security with Privileged User Access Control and Activity Monitoring
McAfee and Cyber-Ark

Learn how McAfee and Cyber-Ark work together to manage and continuously monitor privileged account usage across IT environments. Register

Understand the Business Impact of Endpoint Risk
McAfee and WCK

Learn how McAfee and WCK can help you gain business visibility into your risk and compliance and prioritize remediation efforts based on business criticality.


Controlling Privileged User Access: Six Practical Best Practices
McAfee and Fox Technologies

Discover the latest best practices for enforcing privileged user access across diverse systems and how McAfee and Fox Technologies can help you solve this security challenge. Register


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