IPsec VPN Firewall

Improve performance with always-available VPN connectivity

By intelligently combining standards-based IPsec VPN with McAfee Multi-Link technology, we provide the most flexible and resilient VPN solutions on the market. By aggregating multiple IPsec VPN tunnels with McAfee Multi-Link over two or more separate ISP connections to form single logical VPN tunnel, you can easily and cost-effectively establish and maintain highly available VPN connectivity. The massively scalable McAfee Security Management Center makes configuring and managing several thousands of VPN site-to-site or remote access connections incredibly straightforward.

You can control link usage by aggregating multiple connections with different characteristics into a single, consolidated VPN, while retaining the ability to direct different types of network traffic to specific links. Because backup links can also be defined per traffic type, our solution supports extremely high availability, regardless of associated traffic types.

McAfee IPsec VPN solutions

The IPsec VPN solution provides the highest level of secure connectivity, supporting 256-bit AES encryption, SHA-2 message digest, RSA, DSS, ECDSA, and PSK authentication, and Diffie-Hellman key exchange up to and including group 21 (521-bit ECP group).

The IPsec VPN solution also supports high availability for remote and mobile users. A Multi-Link-enhanced IPsec VPN client can automatically discover and connect to an organization's Next Generation Firewall IPsec VPN gateways, providing confidential and reliable connectivity to its mobile user community.

Key Benefits

  • Resilient and massively scalable VPN connectivity

    Providing always-on VPN connectivity, regardless of organizational size or classification.
  • Very high throughput performance

    20 Gbps with a single device, and more through clustering.
  • Delivering the highest level of security

    Multi-layered VPN connectivity, including integrated advanced evasion technique protection, supporting the most demanding environments.