URL Filtering

Protect against inappropriate and malicious web content

To protect businesses and users from exposure to inappropriate or malicious web content, McAfee Next Generation Firewall deep packet inspection technology can be augmented with URL category-based filtering for HTTP traffic. This service features 82 categories covering more than 280 million top-level domains (billions of URLs) and 43 languages. The URL database and advanced classification technology ensures coverage regardless of popularity or geography.

The comprehensive database is engineered to reduce the likelihood of an uncategorized website, and employs real browsing behavior of users to ensure correct coverage and accuracy. The URL database is continuously fed malicious URL information and threat alerts to enhance the level of security.

The URL reputation index provides a predictive risk score for websites based on a proprietary algorithm. Organizations can also implement policies to warn or prevent users from accessing high-risk websites, such as those too new to assess or with previous infections.

URL Filtering

Key Benefits

  • Adds a layer of security

    Protect users and your business from risk of exposure to inappropriate and malicious web content.
  • Prevents Internet misuse by restricting access to undesirable sites and content

    The comprehensive URL database features more than 80 different categories covering over 280 million top-level domains.
  • Enhances McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) deep inspection

    With the simple addition of a URL filtering license, McAfee NGFW deep inspection can be augmented with URL category-based filtering for HTTP traffic.