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McAfee Next Generation Firewall

Superior highly available, scalable, and flexible protection against the latest advanced threats


Built to support next-generation network security demands

  • Built-in active-active clustering that scales to 16 nodes. Plus, no scheduled downtime required for software upgrades.
  • Proven capability to identify advanced evasion techniques (AETs) that evade our competition.
  • An extensive range of protections within a single inspection engine that maintains performance even with all next-generation firewall (NGFW) functions active.
  • Centralized management of up to 2,000 firewalls with support for multiple logins and role-based access control.
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Protection, performance, and value

The best protection

  • Blocks more than 800 million advanced evasion techniques (AETs).
  • The only firewall with exfiltration protection using application and endpoint intelligence.
  • Connected to the broadest threat ecosystem.

Top-rated performance

  • 94% reduction in security-related downtime.*
  • 84% improvement in response time.*
  • 75% better throughput with all NGFW features enabled.**

Superior value and efficiency

  • Significant reduction in MPLS costs.
  • 30% reduction in infrastructure costs.*
  • Plug-and-play installation of remote network firewalls.

(Source: *IDC Value Report, 2014;  **Industry Experts Speak Out: The Network Performance and Security Trade-Off)

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McAfee Next Generation Firewall protects enterprise networks with advanced security supported by real-time updates from Security Connected, the industry's broadest threat defense ecosystem. Security Connected collects and disseminates information from third-party sources and across distributed security solutions, including endpoint protection, network security, SIEM, threat sandboxes, and global threat intelligence networks. Learn more about Security Connected.