Cloud Secure

McAfee Cloud Secure Program

Bringing Credibility to Cloud Security

Verified Security to Build Confidence in the Cloud
Businesses eager to adopt cloud-based services list security as one of their greatest concerns. With the McAfee Cloud Secure program, we enable rigorous security testing, business practice review, compliance certification, and ongoing vulnerability evaluation. Cloud providers and Software-as-a-Service vendors can finally demonstrate credible, third-party validated site integrity. When a cloud service displays the McAfee SECURE™ trustmark, a customer knows it is safe to build a business on.

The program includes:

Cloud security certification services — Tailored annual testing performed by our Foundstone Professional Services team validates existing security controls, processes, and certifications, plus future cloud security standards.

Automated auditing, remediation, and reporting — Certified cloud vendors that pass automatic daily scans and other checks gain the right to display the McAfee SECURE trustmark as a credible, third-party validation of their security status.

Security credibility — Cloud Secure customers benefit from the visibility and confidence already established by more than 80,000 websites and 80 billion customer touch points that rely on the McAfee SECURE technology and trustmark.

Helping cloud providers by building trust
Existing cloud certification standards such as ISO 27001 and SAS 70 audit only the information handling processes of a provider. What about implementation and upkeep of the cloud technology they rely on? By helping providers identify and mitigate potential technology vulnerabilities, McAfee Cloud Secure enables enterprises to evaluate and select vendors they can trust. Wherever the McAfee SECURE symbol is displayed, enterprises will find:

  • Secure cloud infrastructure
  • Provider implementation of current and future security and cloud standards
  • Third-party certification
  • Automation of auditing and security
  • Visibility into how data is secured
  • Efficient processes that balance lower costs with strong data protection

McAfee envisions a safe and secure cloud
The McAfee Cloud Secure program is the first step in our vision of securing the cloud ecosystem, allowing enterprise customers to feel confident taking full advantage of the cloud's opportunities and economies of scale. The McAfee Cloud Secure program builds on more than two decades of dedication to security and more than 10 years of Security-as-a-Service expertise.

Whether it's security from, in, or for the cloud, McAfee has it covered:

“By joining the McAfee Cloud Secure Program, we're continuing to deliver the most advanced, most innovative security on the market in every deployment we do.”

Tom Fisher, Vice President of Cloud Computing, SuccessFactors