Strategic Security Road Map Planning

Address the most critical vulnerabilities

Next Steps:


Foundstone understands that not all vulnerabilities pose the same level of risk to your organization. We can help you create a strategy to address the vulnerabilities that really matter. Foundstone helps you prioritize both vulnerabilities and the degree of security standard compliance you want to achieve.

Many organizations are at a loss after security assessments and have no idea which vulnerabilities to tackle first, how to justify funding the new recommendations, or how to plan remediation efforts. This is where Foundstone consultants step in. We help you build a strategic security road map that meets your business and budgetary objectives.

Key Benefits

Foundstone helps determine which areas should be addressed, their priority, and the degree of compliance to security standards you want to achieve. During this process, Foundstone will: 

  • Create a strategic security road map that aligns with your business objectives.
  • Ensure that the latest security trends and technologies are included in the strategy.
  • Use the results from previous vulnerability assessments to plan and prioritize the remediation process.


Strategic Security Road Map Planning is based on Foundstone’s Security Risk Management Lifecycle and the following world-class security assessment methodologies:

  • Asset inventory: We begin by determining which assets are critical to your organization. We also ensure the road map matches your business objectives and budgetary constraints.
  • Threat assessment: During this step, we determine the likelihood of a threat so we can substantiate the priorities assigned in the strategic road map.
  • Vulnerability analysis: This step is critical to Foundstone’s strategic road map service because it takes into account the network vulnerabilities identified in your most recent security assessment. If your organization has not had a comprehensive security assessment recently, Foundstone will perform one.
  • Risk level of assets: In this step, we gather the information culled from the first three steps and ascertain the risk level for each asset. Foundstone also looks at which security best practices and trends are not addressed in your organization, so we can include them in your comprehensive strategic road map.
  • Strategic security road map: The final step involves synthesizing the information from the first four steps to create a strategic security road map. This road map includes strategic, prioritized recommendations; risk analysis of assets, vulnerabilities, and threats; and implementation timelines.