VoIP Security Assessment

Discover and address vulnerabilities on your VoIP network

Next Steps:


The convergence of voice, data, and video provides organizations with welcome cost savings. But with the financial benefits come risks to security that must be addressed. Now that VoIP is integrated into many networks that must be secured as required by government regulations like GLBA and HIPAA, security concerns are heightened.

Key Benefits

  • Identify vulnerabilities
    The combined approach of assessing and attempting to penetrate the VoIP network helps to identify risks and ensure that the greatest number vulnerabilities are discovered.
  • Get next step recommendations
    Our deliverables include a VoIP Security Assessment Technical Report, an Executive Summary, and a half-day workshop with a VoIP Security Assessment Presentation.


Foundstone will assess and attempt to penetrate your VoIP network. This combined approach to identifying vulnerabilities will ensure that the greatest number security holes are discovered.

Foundstone will follow five major phases during your assessment:

  • Architecture and Design Assessment
    Evaluates the infrastructure and security practices in the architecture and design.
  • External Penetration Testing
    Evaluates the security of Internet-facing hosts.
  • Host Configuration Assessments
    Assesses the configurations of routers, switches, and servers against industry best practices.
  • VoIP Services Security Assessment
    Evaluates the security of the VoIP service from a customer’s perspective and determines if the VoIP service could allow potential service fraud, denial of service, or other attacks.
  • Policy and Procedure Gap Analysis
    Evaluates the gap of the current policies and procedures against known best practices according to the ISO 27001 / 27002 security standard.