VPN Security Assessment

Secure your virtual private network (VPN)

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If remote users connect to your network via VPN, you run the risk of hackers using it as an entry point to your internal network. Foundstone helps avoid malicious infiltration and ensures true end-to-end security with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Security Assessment.

We review the policy and procedures used to support and administer the VPN, and assess the current configuration of the VPN and associated systems. During the review, Foundstone's security consultants work with system and network administrators to obtain necessary information to evaluate existing policy and procedure documentation, assess actual procedures in use for VPN support and administration, review the technical architecture of the VPN deployment, and identify issues in any of these areas.

Key Benefits

  • Secure remote access
    Prevent hackers from using your VPN as a tunnel to your internal network.
  • Verify complete security
    Ensure your enterprise has end-to-end security and not just an encrypted tunnel. Also, confirm the security of both your SSL-based VPN and your IPSec-based VPN.


Foundstone also performs a technical assessment of the VPN configuration, which may include external and internal network scans, authentication and authorization testing, and system vulnerability testing. The report deliverables include an executive summary overview, a detailed technical report, and detailed testing results. Foundstone VPN Security Assessment methodology consists of the following:

  • External and internal VPN vulnerability scan
  • VPN policy and procedure review
  • VPN architecture review
  • Interview with the VPN administrator