Many companies intrigued by cloud-based backup solutions

January 4, 2012

Many companies across the world have already adopted cloud backup services, but as more organizations realize the advantages of backing up data remotely, the technology should become significantly more popular.

According to a recent study by IDC, a global market intelligence firm, 82 percent of United Kingdom companies understand the need for offsite data backup. However, only 16 percent of organizations are using cloud-based storage and some have no plans to transition backup functions to the cloud.

Only 20 percent of surveyed companies said they have no interest in cloud computing, as the majority of businesses are increasingly knowledgeable regarding the cloud's potential to reduce several IT costs and improve performance. Cloud-based storage and backup could also improve security for many U.K. businesses, as 37 percent of respondents said they're taking risks with company data.

"Currently there are cloud-based services that can help firms enhance data security and reliability with storage," the report said. "These storage solutions transfer data as encrypted and store it in a secure data centre location protected against physical and electronic threats." According to a recent report by a cloud backup provider, hybrid cloud adoption for backup and recovery purposes is among the top industry trends experts predict will occur in 2012.

-McAfee Cloud Security