Cloud computing to fuel slight IT spending increase

January 6, 2012

The private cloud is increasingly a viable IT solution for businesses and government agencies desiring self-managed cloud services.

However, according to a recent Computerworld blog post by technology expert Jean-Marc Seguin, the path to successfully adopting private cloud computing involves personnel and methodologies, more so than the technology.

IT departments must contain skilled workers with experience implementing, managing and sustaining elaborate systems and technology, Seguin said. Training employees in cloud-related skills is a prerequisite for success, the report said, but IT departments must also consider the entire culture of their company during cloud adoption.

"To get to the private cloud, organizations will need to present IT as a business enabler," Seguin says. "It is important for IT to get a clear understanding of business needs and requirements so they can provide the right solutions at the right time."

Organizations transitioned services to the cloud in record waves during the previous 12 months, as they realized the productivity, scalability and cost-cutting benefits of cloud computing. Still, while 2011 was an impressive year for cloud providers, most experts say cloud adoption will expand to new heights this year. According to a recent TechTarget report, only 9 percent of companies are not even considering adding private cloud services.

-McAfee Cloud Security