Young generations embracing cloud computing

January 16, 2012

Cloud computing is a rapidly expanding technology with benefits for enterprises and government agencies, but professionals aren't the only ones working to better understand the cloud and its capabilities.

CloudTweaks recently examined the ongoing trend of younger generations embracing a new technology faster and more effectively than their elders. According to the report, cloud computing is already in the vocabulary of children as young as 10 years old. The source cites a recent video released by consulting firm Accenture, which shows 10-year-olds explaining what it means to be in the cloud, while one girl claimed the cloud features no limits.

Meanwhile, the report said higher education institutions are providing students with an opportunity to study cloud computing, including how to implement, manage and secure cloud-based systems and applications. A cloud-educated workforce will provide businesses and IT departments with employees who understand the cloud and its vast abilities. The report said Stanford and MIT already offer courses based solely on cloud computing.

While universities are the ideal location for extensive cloud-related learning, some high schools are offering cloud courses. According to a Salt Lake Tribune report, students at the Granite Technical Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, recently completed a computer-networking class that taught cloud rookies the intricacies of building a cloud from start to finish.

-McAfee Cloud Security