Report: PaaS market to experience significant growth

February 1, 2012

Software-as-a-Service may receive more publicity, but some experts say Platform-as-a-Service is becoming a popular IT solution and is positioned for several years of expansion.

According to market research firm Gartner, the evolution of PaaS will impact end users, IT departments and vendors in the enterprise software market.

"With large and growing vendor investment in PaaS, the market is on the cusp of several years of strategic growth, leading to innovation and likely breakthroughs in technology and business use of all of cloud computing," said Yefim Natis of Gartner. "Users and vendors of enterprise IT software solutions that are not yet engaged with PaaS must begin building expertise in PaaS or face tough challenges from competitors."

The report said the PaaS market is still largely undeveloped, as the market lacks established leaders and best practices standards. However, Gartner expects PaaS to become a major component of cloud computing during the next two to three years, while most major software companies will offer well-developed PaaS solutions by the end of 2013.

By 2016, the PaaS market will include new programming models, market leaders and an extensive set of standards, the source said. PaaS is the layer of cloud technology between infrastructure and SaaS, and contains all application infrastructure services. Besides reducing costs and improving scalability, experts say PaaS providers users with less initial investment and risk and the ability to easily update software.

While other cloud-based technology like SaaS have garnered more attention from enterprises and IT professionals, some experts believe PaaS is poised to outpace other cloud services this year. In an InformationWeek report, expert Alistair Croll said PaaS is the top enterprise cloud trend of 2012, while a recent survey revealed 42 percent of companies expect to implement PaaS this year.

-McAfee Cloud Security