Study: Australian CIOs say cloud helping transition to CEO roles

March 19, 2012

The migration of conventional IT tasks like security, data storage and application deployment to the cloud is one of the most prevalent trends currently impacting enterprises, forcing them to hire staff with cloud knowledge and increase investments in such technology. While the majority of cloud adopters have benefited from the technology's cost saving and productivity advantages, it's also providing some IT professionals with another favorable effect.

According to a recent study by CA Technologies, 46 percent of Australian chief information officers believe cloud adoption is helping them transition to chief executive officer roles, indicating that most companies realize the importance and potential of cloud computing.

"There's no doubt that cloud computing is revolutionising business particularly in these strained economic times. But it's also breeding a new type of technology leader - one who understands that by using the cloud to innovate, increase speed to market and reduce costs in providing strategic business services, he or she will be in a position to make a significant impact on the business and potentially be positioned to lead it," said Bill McMurray, managing director at CA Technologies Australia & New Zealand.

Furthermore, more than half of surveyed CIOs said they feel ready to transition to a CEO role because the cloud enables them to focus on "innovation, business strategy and driving business effectiveness."

McMurray added that the research reveals cloud technology is positively impacting the ambitions of CIOs, and organizations shouldn't ignore the potential benefits these tech-savvy leaders could bring if promoted to a larger role.

A separate study by CA Technologies linked cloud adoption to ambition among Indian CIOs, with 60 percent of respondents reporting the cloud has helped them spend more time on business strategy and innovation.

-McAfee Cloud Security