Cloud-based video surveillance a growing industry

April 9, 2012

The cloud has proved itself an invaluable resource for businesses across a wide range of industries. Data backup, cloud email and secure file sharing are some of the many services increasingly utilized by businesses to improve their efficiency and capabilities.

Recently, Business Insider highlighted another increasingly popular cloud-based service: video surveillance.

A growing number of companies are offering cloud-based video monitoring services for businesses looking to improve their physical security. As Business Insider points out, there are two main advantages to cloud-based video surveillance. First, they can provide instantaneous alerts to business owners in the event of an intrusion. As soon as the motion detector is activated by movement, its video feed will turn on and send a message to the owner. Not only will this let the proprietor know that unauthorized activity may be occurring, but he can also access the video feed to view the activity as it happens.

The second benefit offered by cloud-based video surveillance is off-site monitoring and storage of video data. Business Insider points out that a savvy criminal will likely be on the lookout for surveillance equipment and, if he finds it, will attempt to both deactivate cameras and destroy the tapes or machinery recording the video. However, if the surveillance is conducted via the cloud, then the recordings will be automatically stored on an off-site location, protecting the evidence from the intruder.

Of course, cloud-based video surveillance is not enough to protect a business by itself. Any business considering this service should also seriously consider investing in cybersecurity for its network. Just as cloud-based video surveillance can protect a physical property, cloud security software can protect a business' digital property.

-McAfee Cloud Security