CSA makes important announcement in Germany

May 9, 2012

As governments around the world continue to aggressively adopt cloud computing services into their IT operations, they are getting more help from industry leaders in standardizing the technology and ensuring security. Dark Reading reported today that the Cloud Security Alliance announced it had completed the Open Certification Framework.

The CSA is comprised of leaders from the cloud industry's top cloud service providers and other IT security personnel, and was originally created to structure the novel technology in such a way that its reputability and performance ensured success.

The news provider explained that this Open Certification Framework fosters sound, internationally-recognized processes for choosing cloud service providers and evaluating their statuses within the industry. Created mostly from the standards made popular by the CSA, this initiative was created in a way that will be amenable to the rapidly changing capabilities of the cloud.

"The Cloud Security Alliance has identified the gaps within the IT ecosystem that are inhibiting market adoption of secure and reliable cloud services. Consumers do not have simple ways to evaluate their providers’ resiliency, data protection capabilities and service portability," Daniele Catteddu, Managing Director, EMEA for the CSA, explained at the SecureCloud 2012 conference, as reported by the source. "This problem is exacerbated internationally, causing significant barriers to cloud adoption outside of national boundaries. The CSA Open Certification Framework provides a path for any region to address compliance concerns with trusted, global best practices."

Security has always been a concern in the industry. Overall, IT security has been among the top concerns for many governments and enterprises around the world, as data breaches continue to put individuals' personal information and privacy in danger.

In the United States alone, businesses have already fallen victim to 65 breaches this year, resulting in the exposure of close to 8.9 million sensitive files, the Identity Theft Resource Center reports. Additionally, the government and military sectors have combined for 17 data breaches, losing more than 900,000 sensitive files, while the healthcare industry has experienced 47 breaches and close to 1.5 million compromised records.

Many believe the cloud is a white horse in the IT security realm, as the ability to centralize information and monitor a wide breadth of data in a streamlined fashion can lead to less negative incidents. Any enterprise or organization considering a switch in IT should research common and proven cloud security software and strategies to ensure data is secure during and after the transition.

-McAfee Cloud Security