European countries lacking in cloud knowledge

September 4, 2012

Following reports concerning the American public's unfamiliarity with cloud computing, a new survey shows that Europeans are also unsure of the cloud's capabilities.

Business Software Alliance (BSA), a leading global advocate for the software industry, surveyed 4000 PC users in nine European countries about cloud services. The survey showed that 65 percent of respondents have "never heard of it" or have "only heard of the name." Of the countries surveyed, Greece and Romania have the highest percentage of cloud users (both 39 percent). Poland (25 percent), England (21 percent) and Austria (20 percent) round out the top five EU countries with high cloud use.

European countries that have the least familiarity include Poland (9 percent), France (10 percent) and Belgium (11 percent). This reaffirms the lack of global cloud computing knowledge, which can put companies at a disadvantage, said BSA's President and CEO Robert Holleyman.

Rather than apply cloud services for business purposes, 86 percent people use it for personal purposes, according to the survey. The most popular reason for using a cloud-based service include email (79 percent), online word processing (36 percent), photo storage (35 percent) and online games (35 percent).

Recently, a survey of over 1,000 American adults, conducted by Citrix, showed that American consumers are also unfamiliar with the cloud. Only 16 percent of respondents associated the cloud with the IT resource used to store data, and the majority did not realize that they use the cloud every day.

Experts agree that a transition to a cloud service can provide companies with multiple benefits, including low costs, unlimited storage and data protection. By allowing consumers and employees to utilize IT resources and access software in the cloud, businesses will be able to run more efficiently, said Holleyman.

-McAfee Cloud Security