Implementing security measures can prevent hacker attacks

October 2, 2012

In response to the number of hacker reports making headlines, cybersecurity has become a major area of concern for many business owners. The attempts to breach data on secure networks owned by banks, social sites and the U.S. government serve as reminders for companies of all sizes to implement protective measures.

Increase in hacker attacks
In the past year, there has been a surge in security threats used to endanger information. According to Verizon's 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, the 855 corporate attacks in the United States in 2011 involved 174 million records. Because hackers are using more sophisticated methods, like spear phishing emails that look legitimate, companies should do more to prevent unwanted users from accessing company accounts.

The Boston Globe reported that many executives do not install security software because they believe their networks are safe. Owners, however, won't be informed when a data breach occurs, which is why it is crucial to implement data loss prevention methods before it is too late. 

The importance of passwords
Decision-makers need to be proactive and place measures to protect confidential material if anything were to threaten their networks, including the use of password protections on accounts and mobile devices. To develop a complex passcode that could inhibit a hacker, employees should have a password longer than four characters that combines numbers and letters. Workers should also create a different code for every account and encrypt confidential documents.

Installing anti virus software can help companies detect some forms of attacks. However, to ensure complete safety, organizations must do more to guarantee that cybercriminals won't bypass security controls, Fox News reported.

Data protection methods
According to the source, companies should seek help from IT departments to develop security systems that comply with laws and standards, and conduct assessments to determine if they work properly, or if changes need to be made.

Once a system is in place, owners should draft policies and educate their employees on cybersecurity awareness. Workers should be trained to identify emails that contain malicious attachments, and warned never to open links from unknown senders. Experts recommend that businesses keep computer programs up-to-date to patch vulnerabilities that could grant hackers access to company and consumer data.

As technologies develop, it has become necessary for organizations to invest in network security measures to ensure their success.

-McAfee Cloud Security