Critical Infrastructure

In the dark: Shedding light on threats to critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure industries, including energy, oil and gas, water, government, and others, need to maintain consistent network availability in the face of persistent targeting, theft of service, and extortion. With McAfee critical infrastructure solutions, these industries don’t have to compromise availability for security.

McAfee works with your enterprise to find the right solution — from SCADA operations to IT — and has partnerships with companies that are already in many critical sector operations. With McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, get up-to-the minute insights into targeting tactics and capabilities anywhere in the world, providing better, faster protection for your company’s assets regardless of how globally distributed they may be. With integrated security and compliance, you can efficiently address gaps in the compliance posture for NERC, NEI, and other network requirements. McAfee solutions provide better resilience, efficient compliance measures, and instant intelligence for changing threat environments, along with the power of real-time visibility and centralized management across an entire control network or IT environment — all through a single, web-based platform.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

McAfee provides situational awareness and protective controls across enterprise IT, SCADA, and ICS zones with native device and application support, while demonstrating continuous compliance. With controls across data, network, and endpoint systems, including ICS applications and protocols, McAfee offers the only solutions that correlate events and detect malicious activity crossing zones.

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