McAfee SecurityAlliance Global Partner Program

Become a Partner!

There has never been a better time to be a member of the McAfee SecurityAllianceTM. Security concerns are becoming more and more prevalent for all businesses, and our enhanced global partner program is designed to support the enormous market potential. Your customers look to you to deliver solutions that will keep their businesses protected. By partnering with the industry’s leader in complete system and network protection solutions, you can provide best-of-breed solutions to your customers and ensure peace of mind. McAfee's intrusion prevention technology ensures total protection - it not only detects security attacks, but also blocks in real time. Working together, we can secure your customers’ business needs. And a secure customer is a loyal one.

Read a summary of benefits and program details below, or you can download a brochure or frequently asked questions that details all partner benefits and requirements.

Partner benefits include:

  • Access to the SecurityAlliance partner Web site - Log in for a wealth of sales and marketing resources, pricing, partner news, and product support information.
  • Marketing opportunities - Demand generation templates for direct mail, email, web banners, HTML and print ads
  • Sales incentives - Earn incentives through ongoing programs that reward targeted selling.
  • Online training and certification - Sign up for online McAfee technical and sales training programs designed specifically for our partners.
  • Technical support - Pre and post sales support based on level of participation including dedicated contacts, online web tools and phone support.
  • Discounted software/demonstration equipment - Purchase not-for-resale demo equipment or software at a discount.

Start taking advantage of these benefits and the opportunity to grow your business by applying online today!

How It Works

The McAfee SecurityAlliance Partner Program

The McAfee SecurityAlliance global partner program is flexible, offering an extensive range of services and benefits to support your level of participation. Through incentives, co-marketing tools, and the training and certification offerings that develop the necessary skills to enhance the growth of your business, you will be limited only by how far you want to go.

Designed around the needs of our partners, the McAfee SecurityAlliance reflects our commitment to you. By developing and maintaining strong partnerships, we can together address the ever-increasing challenges of the security marketplace with industry-leading solutions and services. Our unique McAfee Protection-in-Depth™ Strategy provides partners with the right solutions for securing their customers’ businesses today, and a roadmap for providing ongoing value-added services as their needs change. This program has been specifically designed to secure customer loyalty and to help you, our Partners, enhance your profitablity.

Differentiating Your Business - Levels of Partnership
The McAfee SecurityAlliance partner levels lets your customers know that you are dedicated to helping them meet their evolving security needs, enabling them to concentrate more on running their business and less on security issues. Reaching the AssociatePartner, PremierPartner, or Elite Partner status distinguishes your company as a leader that has invested to ensure the security needs of your customers are met today and in the future.

Our three levels of partnership provide the flexibility you'll need to meet the ever changing needs as your business continues to evolve. Progressive investment in the relationship through offerings such as training and certification programs you will reap reciprocal rewards and increased commitment from McAfee to the partnership.

  • ElitePartner

McAfee SecurityAlliance ElitePartners are at the top level of partnership through a demonstrated Partner firm commitment to customer satisfaction, competency, and revenue growth, the ElitePartner is provided the highest level of privileges and rewards.  Partners at this level have the closest working relationship with McAfee and receive benefits such as a dedicated Enterprise Support Technician available 24x7 and a named Sales Account Manger.

  • PremierPartner

A McAfee SecurityAlliance PremierPartner has committed to working together to meet customers’ ongoing security needs.  Through investments in skills competencies and revenue growth, the PremierPartner demonstrates to customers a level of commitment that ensures that the solutions and services provided are of very high quality.  Partner firm participation at this level provides access to an enriched level of benefits to help ensure your success, including as a minimum, telephone based management from McAfee.

  • AssociatePartner

As an entry-level participant in our program, the McAfee SecurityAlliance  AssociatePartner has stated a desire to provide customers with quality solutions and technologies.  Members at this level have easy access to a range of online resources to help them stay current on the latest McAfee solutions. an entry-level participant in our program, the SecurityAlliance AssociatePartner has stated a desire to provide customers with quality solutions and technologies. As the needs of the AssociatePartner evolve, so too can their level of participation in the McAfee SecurityAlliance.